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The Significance Behind Rep Counts in Strength Training

The number of reps you perform for each lift has a reason behind it. Here’s what different rep ranges mean and what results you can expect from them.

The significance of rep counts in strength training.

Every Tonal program has been designed with a specific strength training goal in mind, and the number of reps your coach asks you to perform has a reason behind it. Here’s what different rep ranges mean and what results you can expect from them.

15-20 Reps: Stabilization

This is a great range to work in if you’re new to strength training, working on corrective exercise and injury prevention, or if you’re working with very light weights. This is also a great range for people new to strength training because it allows your body to practice an exercise many times in order to really learn it correctly.

Results: Body fat reduction

8-12 Reps: Strength Endurance

You’re still asking your muscles to perform a considerable amount of reps, but you can lift heavier with less reps, and therefore increase the strength of the bigger muscles that will be doing the bulk of the work here.

Results: Increased lean muscle mass

6-10 Reps: Hypertrophy

Training for size. This range is good if you’ve been working out consistently for a while and you feel confident in your lifting form. This range is for maximum muscle growth, and you’ll be lifting heavier, so to be safe, make sure you’ve prepared your muscles for the increase.

Results: Increased muscle size

1-5 Reps: Maximal Strength

Advanced rep range, focused on maximum strength. Activates more muscle groups and neural connections at the same time, and increases the benefits of power and explosive exercise.

Results: Improves one rep max (1RM) and sports performance

You’ll be the most successful in achieving your goals if you alternate your goal rep range with a complimentary rep range every 4-6 weeks.

For instance, if you’re working towards toning up your muscles and reducing body fat, start with a stabilization program and then switch to a strength endurance program the next month. If your goal is to get bigger muscles, alternate a hypertrophy program with a strength endurance program.

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