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Have Trouble Sticking to a Workout Routine? Try This New Feature

Programs+, the new personalized multi-week training programs on Tonal, adapt to meet you where you are every day.

Programs+ on Tonal, with featured coaches

You hit the snooze button one too many times. The baby didn’t nap today. You got stuck late at work. That happy hour drink tastes too good. Or sometimes, you just simply lose steam and the couch wins again. 

Life can be unpredictable and it’s hard to keep a consistent routine, but your workout should be one constant you can always rely on. That’s where Programs+, now in beta, can help. These new personalized, multi-week training programs adapt to meet your specific needs so you never have to skip a session when you’re short on time. Here’s everything you need to know about this revolutionary approach to training. 

First, Find Your Level

Programs+ allow you to pick the path that’s right for you by offering a Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced option for each program. That means you can enjoy the same set of workouts as your training pal even if you two have different experience levels.  

Programs+ allow you to change levels

“Regardless of which level you choose, we keep the theme of the workout throughout each level,” says Michelle Grabau, director of fitness programming at Tonal. “For example, for a hip-dominant movement, we might start with a pull-through at the beginner level, then progress to a neutral-grip deadlift, and finish with the barbell Romanian deadlift at the advanced level. The movement might change, but you’ll get the same benefits, and you can work at your proficiency level.”    

Then Shift Your Workout to Suit Your Schedule

Beyond that, you can also adjust the workout duration based on how much time you have that day. Tonal intelligently adjusts the number of blocks and sets you perform so you can stay on course. Most of the workouts boil down to around 30 minutes when you’re crunched for time or stretch to an hour or more when you can fit in an intense session. 

Programs+ allow you to change duration.

“When you can keep the same exact goal and philosophy of a program, but then adjust the time it takes to finish the workouts, you’re going to be more compliant with that program because it fits your schedule better,” explains Tonal’s performance manager of applied sports science Christian Hartford. 

Shifting to a shorter workout can be an efficient and effective way to maintain your strength while extending the duration when you do have time can boost overall strength and hypertrophy with higher volume. Aligning your session to the demands of your life can intuitively lead you to better performance in the long run. 

Challenge Yourself Safely

Increasing the duration of the workout is a great way to challenge yourself without starting an entirely new program. And when you’re ready for your next program, you can boost the duration to increase the total volume. 

Research shows the best type of learning happens when you set attainable goals just outside of your comfort zone. “You want to be in that balance where it’s not too challenging that you feel overwhelmed but not too comfortable that you’re not creating adaptation,” says Hartford. “Programs+ can put you in a position where you can safely and comfortably learn a new exercise, do it repeatedly while getting Form Feedback from Tonal, and master the movement pattern over time.” 

Finally, Stick to a Workout Program 

Tonal’s multi-week, guided programs are both engaging and effective, but one size doesn’t always fit all. Plus, research shows that building more autonomy into your exercise planning means it’ll be easier to stick with your program in the long run.

“The ability to change the time and complexity of a workout means it’s going to better fit your life so that hopefully, you’re in a position where you can keep coming back to your workouts without any big obstacles to overcome,” adds Hartford.

How to Try Programs+ 

You can find Programs+ on your trainer by selecting Programs+ in the browse filter, or navigating to the Programs+ row in the Programs section of the Explore screen. New Programs+ will be added every other week. 

Excited to provide feedback on the Programs+ Beta? Our team will send out a survey via email in the coming months to collect your thoughts. 

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