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Tonal Transformations Powered by Tonal: Strength Training Changed Adam Pruett’s Life

a man smiling in front of his tonal in a blue workout vest that say tonal

Adam Pruett knows it’s corny to say Tonal changed his life, but there’s no other way to explain it. Having always felt insecure about lifting weights, Adam avoided strength training as much as possible, but then Tonal came along and sparked his curiosity.    

While waiting for Tonal to arrive, Adam tore his ACL during a skiing accident. Thinking he was in store for a life-altering surgery, Adam connected with an expert physical therapist who suggested aggressive physical therapy and strength training for his injury. A couple of weeks later, Adam’s Tonal installation was complete, and it seemed like fate.  

Tonal became part-and-parcel of his recovery, helping Adam to heal his body without surgery. As he consistently worked out, he found confidence and joy in strength training for the first time. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m from Alabama but currently living in Manchester, Vermont. I’m a psychiatrist with a private practice, and I live with my husband and five-year-old daughter. Working out on Tonal, traveling one day again, and running are my hobbies. 

Tell us about how you came across Tonal and why you decided to buy one?  

Before Tonal, I had never lifted weights without a personal trainer or my husband. I was diligent with cardio, but hadn’t been near a gym in years. 

I first came across Tonal in 2019 but didn’t end up buying one because I have always hated strength training. However, I kept returning to Tonal and even stayed in a Tonal Facebook group and envied how magical everyone said the experience was. 

I saw many people who felt the same way as me about strength training that loved working out on Tonal. Fast-forward to November 2020, I had to find out if this would be the same for me too.

Alone, I just found the process of weight lifting too cumbersome, and it was easier not to do it. With Tonal, I feel like I have a personal trainer in the comfort and privacy of my own home.  

What was the first day like with Tonal?

From day one, I was super impressed by how easy everything was. I could easily operate it and change the arms and attach the Smart Handles by myself. I loved seeing the coaches on screen and the personal connection — it felt like they were talking just to me. I knew almost instantly that I had made one of the best purchases of my life and felt confident about treating my ACL without surgery. I was excited. 

Tell us about where you were at the start of your journey and where are you now?

So while waiting for my Tonal to arrive, I had an accident while skiing and tore my ACL. Initially, surgery seemed to be the only option. I was devastated. 

I connected with an expert physical therapist who told me that my type of injury could respond to aggressive physical therapy. Either way, I’d strengthen my muscles around my ACL and prehab in case surgery was needed. It seemed like this was the moment to finally focus on strength training. My Tonal arrived a couple of weeks after tearing my ACL, and in some crazy way, it all seemed like fate.

Before I started Tonal, I was pretty clumsy and uncoordinated. I started moving through beginner programs and thought I would stay there for months. However, I just completed my third advanced program: Coach Jackson’s 4 Weeks to Fat Loss 2. I now look forward to tackling new moves instead of feeling scared.

I knew almost instantly that Tonal was one of the best purchases of my life and felt confident about treating my torn ACL without surgery. I was excited. 

a man and his husband with their daughter in skiing gear in front a snowy mountain

How has being stronger impacted different areas of your life?

I know this sounds corny, but I feel like Tonal changed the course of my life. I’m not sure I would have stuck it out with physical therapy without Tonal. I would have been staring down a long recovery from a life-changing surgery, but instead, I feel stronger and more confident than ever before. If surgery ever is on the cards, I’m sure my attitude about it will be different.

What obstacles did you face on your journey, and how did Tonal help you overcome them?

Tonal is the only reason I’m on the journey. I’ve always been a bit insecure about my appearance and even more insecure about lifting weights in the gym. I saw myself as weak, uncoordinated and always thought people would judge me. I felt like a moron with the experiences that personal trainers put me through. 

Alone, I just found the process of weight lifting too cumbersome, and it was easier not to do it. With Tonal, I always feel like I have a personal trainer in the comfort and privacy of my own home.  

What’s the one piece of advice or the biggest lesson you’ve learned during your transformation that you want to share with the rest of the community?

Allow change to happen slowly. It doesn’t happen overnight, but I’ve almost increased my strength score 100-percent in less than three months. That one and two-pound increase really adds up.

What does it mean for you to be your strongest?

It feels both physical and mental for me now. I feel like mentally, I turned an awful injury into a life-changing opportunity. It’s a gift to be able to look at things differently and shift your perspective. I show up, face my fears and give it my best.

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