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How Tonal Empowers These Athletes to Level Up, Every Day

The vast content library, progress tracking, and real-time performance metrics have revolutionized training for these members.

Tonal members Michelle Tee, Travis Gaertner, John Sill, and Arlene Kraushaar looking strong and confident in front of their Tonals.

“Tonal has been revolutionary in my training. It’s one of the few products I’ve tried that actually lives up to all its promises—and even surpasses them.”

— Travis Gaertner, professional handcyclist 

Everyone Is on a Journey 

Fitness is a journey, not a destination. We all have a “why” that moves us to start. Maybe it’s building confidence by getting stronger or making everyday movements easier. Or maybe it’s pushing our athletic performance from better to best. But what keeps us moving is not the number on the scale or a medal at the finish line. It’s the pursuit of our unlimited potential. 

It’s the lessons we learn along the way. It’s pushing through the moments we want to give up. It’s the feel-good endorphins that flood our systems. It’s the way movement parallels life that helps us navigate both. We all move, every day, in different ways. Tonal isn’t just along for the ride; Tonal accelerates the ride as an essential tool that allows you to push yourself to the next level.

Level Up, Every Day 

For proof, look no further than these Tonal members. Mom of three and certified personal trainer Michelle Tee was already a self-described “gym rat” turned Tonal devotee. But when a hip injury derailed her goals, she discovered a whole new approach to fitness. Through Tonal’s vast content library, Tee used mobility training, yoga, and meditation to bounce back stronger than before. 

Paralympian and pro handcyclist Travis Gaertner competes at the highest level on the world stage. But when juggling his day job, family obligations, and elite-level training became a challenge, he needed a fitness solution that was more efficient for his lifestyle. Tonal became his “competitive advantage,” allowing him to train new muscle groups, track his power output, and apply it to his performance on the bike.

Former recreational athlete and dad of three, John Sill, fell off the fitness wagon when he had kids. But after his daughter made a brutally honest comment about his physique, he was inspired to get back in the game. By training exclusively on Tonal, Sill was able to balance family time and win a bodybuilding contest, all while discovering newfound strength and confidence along the way.

For decades, Arlene Kraushaar was caught in a cycle of beginning an exercise routine, getting injured, and then having to start all over again. With Tonal’s safety features, she’s able to gain strength with the confidence that she won’t get hurt. Kraushaar also found support in the Tonal community from fellow members who’ve encouraged her to achieve more than she ever thought possible. At 66, she is now the strongest she’s ever been.

By leveling up their training, these already-accomplished athletes have tested their limits and achieved a version of themselves they never thought possible. Learn more about their stories below.