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Meet Your New Yoga Coaches

Improve your flexibility, stability, and coordination with Tonal’s guest yoga coaches.

image of three coaches in athletic wear on a colourful background
  • Get ready to meet Venus, Nikki, and Jake — your new guest yoga coaches on Tonal. 
  • In addition to our current library of yoga content, Venus, Nikki, and Jake will be bringing you strength, mobility, and recovery yoga workouts. 
  • Enhance your weekly training routine with a practice that boosts physical and mental wellbeing. Choose from Power yoga, Recovery yoga, and Mobility Flow.

We’re delighted to introduce our new guest yoga coaches! Venus, Nikki, and Jake are bringing their yoga workouts to a Tonal near you. 

One of the best ways to support your strength training and wellbeing is by introducing yoga to your weekly workout routine. While it helps with flexibility, mobility, and recovery, this practice is also a fantastic way to build physical and mental strength and reach your goals faster. 

You can already find a great selection of yoga programs on Tonal, and now Venus, Nikki, and Jake will take you through a new series of guided yoga and mobility workouts, all of which are designed to help you get stronger from the comfort of your home. 

  • Power Yoga: Challenge yourself as you move dynamically through a series of poses that build flexibility, power, and strength.
  • Recovery Yoga: Treat your muscles and body to a slow and juicy stretch, tailor-made for rest days or post-workout bliss. 
  • Mobility Flow: This all-encompassing workout focuses on strength, stability, mobility, flexibility, and coordination. 

Meet Venus

“I fell in love with being a trainer by accident. I was always an athlete and worked out, but originally, I moved to LA to be a comedy writer. After doing continued education and learning so many styles of fitness, I fell in love with how creative, healing, and powerful it was to help people love their bodies for what they can do.” 

image of a female on a colourful background

Coaching Style: Teaching people how to get strong at every angle with body awareness, breath, and exploring movement in ways that challenge our sweet spot and up skill level!

How do you maintain a strong and healthy mind?

Breathwork, bodyweight flow, strength training, going on walks, continuous learning, laughter, and having an amazing community of friends — these are what keep me at my best, body, mind, and soul. 

What do you think the Tonal Community would appreciate most from your new programming?

Bodyweight flow isn’t as easy as it looks, but the benefits it provides are immense! The range of motion complements strength training and helps you access more stability, mobility, coordination, and strength in every way!

Meet Nikki

“I was a professional dancer my entire adult life and transitioned to group fitness through barre. That led to training in spin, HIIT, rowing, and finally to my true passion of teaching yoga and meditation.” 

image of a female on a colourful background

Coaching Style: I believe in positive reinforcement to maximize output and result. I’m commanding and clear, with a very relatable vibe, and love to bring my playfulness into classes to keep things fun and leave my clients empowered!

How do you maintain a strong and healthy mind?

I meditate every single day. Sometimes twice a day. It allows me to collect my scattered thoughts and energy and ground them back into the present moment. I use breathing exercises and mantras, crystals, essential oils, and reiki to enhance these moments of inward connection further. 

What’s the one thing you hope the Tonal Community will take away from your programs?

That they hold the key to feeling their best, when they decide to change their life, possibilities become limitless. I’m just the channel to help them unlock their own greatness.

Meet Jake

“Fitness has always been my safe place whenever I was going through something very challenging in life. I found comfort at the gym. I found strength, I found my power, and I found myself. Fitness and yoga always keep me grounded. They remind me that everything is going to be ok, and I am strong enough to handle anything that comes my way.”

image of a man in a grey workout vest on a colourful background

Coaching Style: Inspiring. Strong yet comforting. I get people to drop into the feeling behind the movement and find the “heart” of each pose.

Where do you find your motivation? What keeps you going? 

Showing up for others motivates me daily. I know that the better I am for me, the better I can be for everybody else around me.

What do you think the Tonal Community would appreciate most from your new programming? 

My ability to break things down to make them more accessible and relatable. I am a believer that physical strength is great, but inner strength is amazing. Working with me on Tonal will build a connection from within and give you that inner strength to make you feel amazing. The outer strength will just be a bonus. 

If you haven’t reaped the benefits of Tonal Yoga yet, this is a great time to find out how it can enhance your weekly training routine. Discover a practice that helps you recover better, boosts your mental well-being, and makes you stronger in more ways than one.

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