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Optimize Your Tonal Workouts with Apple Watch and Heart Rate Monitors

Track your heart rate during Tonal workouts with your Apple Watch or any Bluetooth heart rate monitor.

Did your heart just skip a beat? One of our most highly requested integrations is here! You can now track your heart rate with your Apple Watch or any Bluetooth heart rate monitor on Tonal. 

Why is it beneficial to track your heart rate during exercise? Heart rate is a measurement of how hard your body is working. By seeing this metric in real-time you can understand the intensity of your workout–allowing you to challenge yourself better and reach your fitness goals faster.

Apple Watch Features

Track your heart rate

See your heart rate in real-time on your Apple watch, and receive a summary on your watch after each workout. The app also syncs with Apple Health, so you can close your rings for calories burned and exercise minutes. 

Remote control 

You can use your Apple watch to add and subtract weight, turn weight on and off, or pause and play your workout. Your watch will even notify you with vibrations when you reach the last few reps or seconds of a set. 

Get set up in minutes: 

Pairing your Apple watch with Tonal is quick and easy, and anyone in the household can try it. Read our step-by-step instructions to get started. 

Download the app for iOS or find it on your Apple watch when you update to the latest version. 

Pair Your Heart Rate Monitor

You can now pair any Bluetooth heart rate monitor with Tonal and see a real-time reading of your heart rate on your Tonal screen. Read our step-by-step instructions to get set up in minutes. 

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