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Lindsey Horan Relies on This Time-Saving Strategy to Build Strength

U.S. Soccer’s star midfielder utilizes a simple on-Tonal strategy in the off-season—and you can too.

Horan’s Quest to Be The Best

At 28 years old, United States soccer star Lindsey Horan is learning one of those fundamental lessons that only come with age and experience.

“Fitness was never the main component in my game when I was younger,” she says. “I wish it was. I wish I knew what I know now. I wish I knew everything that goes into fitness because it’s not just running. It’s not just kicking the ball and chasing it.”

As a midfielder, Horan carries big responsibilities on offense and defense, which means she needs to be aggressive and cover both ends of the field. Being well-conditioned is important. But so is being powerful, agile, and resilient. That requires strength training.

A Chance to Train Smarter

In the off-season, the 2021 U.S. Soccer Player of the Year says she concentrates on eccentric training—or focusing on the lowering or lengthening portion of exercises—to build her base strength and power. And the research backs up her approach. Studies have shown that eccentric training is an effective and even more efficient way to create muscle gains and growth.

“Everything I do [in the off-season] is in preparation for what I’m doing on the field,” she says.”

During the season, Horan shifts her focus to being more explosive. She incorporates variable resistance training, using Tonal’s Chains mode to engage her fast-twitch muscles, which can help with movements like sprinting, jumping, and changing direction. 

Tonal’s dynamic weight modes and adaptive weight make it convenient for the world-class athlete to maximize her training at any time.

“Anything I can do in the gym, I can do on Tonal,” she says.

Strength and Variety Translates to the Field

Horan’s favorite moves on Tonal are deadlifts and lateral lunges. But she also loves to mix things up. Horan says she uses the off-season to try out different programs, single workouts, and active recovery. It’s also a way to seek new challenges. 

“The variety is amazing,” she says. “There [are] just so many different options and it’s nice to have a coach right there that can help you out.”

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