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Build Flexibility and Mobility with Yoga on Tonal

Add yoga to your Tonal routine to balance physical and mental strength.

At Tonal, we believe that strength is holistic. It’s a balance between body and mind that challenges us every day. That’s why we’re introducing Tonal yoga, a new style of guided yoga workouts designed to help you build your strength and enhance recovery in the convenience of your home. Tonal Yyga is not for complete beginners, but will offer plenty of guidance to help you advance your practice. 

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Meet Frances, Your Tonal Yoga Coach

Coach Frances is a native of Puerto Rico, currently based in LA. She began her career as a professional dancer, where she discovered yoga as a form of active recovery and mental strength. Soon, she transitioned to fitness, launching a new vocation as a yoga instructor and certified personal trainer. Coach Frances is inspired to help others gain self-confidence through movement, especially the kind of self-awareness that comes with the practice of yoga. Want more inspiration from Coach Frances? Follow her on Instagram @shapedbyfrances.

Power Or Recovery

Tonal yoga comes in two formats: Power and recovery Yoga. Power yoga is a challenging workout, requiring flexibility, power, and strength. It involves moving dynamically through a series of poses with muscular force. Recovery yoga is slower with more floor stretching, and is designed to be used after a Tonal workout or on a rest day.

Enhance Your Routine

There’s a workout or program for everyone on Tonal. With high-intensity and yoga, Tonal offers a variety of workout styles for everyone in your home. Use Tonal yoga to supplement your current Tonal program, or mix up your workouts so there’s always something new. You’ll discover a new relationship with your body and breath, and reach new levels of flexibility and strength. Go ahead and stretch yourself, and discover how Tonal yoga can help you be your strongest.

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