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Introducing Pre and Postnatal Training, Pilates, and Bootcamp on Tonal

Try these new modalities today.

  • We’ve added Pre & Postnatal, Pilates, and Bootcamp workouts to Tonal
  • Train safely with our new Pre & Postnatal instructor, Tonal Guest Coach Amy
  • Lengthen & strengthen with our new Pilates instructor, Tonal Guest Coach Jeni
  • Get fit fast with new, high-intensity interval-based Bootcamp workouts

Prenatal and Postnatal Training

We’re constantly brainstorming new ways to make fitness fresh, fun, and accessible to all, which is why we’re launching our brand-new Pre & Postnatal workouts and multi-week programs, taught by our amazing new Tonal coach, Amy Schemper. A mother of two with an M.S. in Exercise Science and a performance training specialist in pre & postnatal fitness, Amy knows exactly how to keep you empowered, fit, and strong during and after your pregnancy.

Prenatal Workouts

Our new prenatal workouts with Coach Amy take the guesswork out of training safely during pregnancy. Find Amy’s series of modification tips and try her full-body workouts on Tonal now. And get ready for her prenatal multi-week programs, coming soon. 

  • Stay strong and healthy so you recover faster postpartum
  • Maintain your core and pelvic strength in a safe way.
  • Help prevent any potential injuries with appropriate modifications.

Coming Soon: Postnatal Workouts

Getting moving again after birth can be daunting, no matter how fit or strong you were before. Don’t worry—Coach Amy breaks it down for you in her multi-week program, coming soon to Tonal. 

  • Rebuild your core strength in a safe, sustainable way.  
  • Gradually grow your strength and full-body fitness over time. 
  • Help prevent any potential injuries with appropriate modifications.

About Coach Amy

Amy’s mission is to motivate everyone to discover the joy in movement. With an inner mantra of, “just keep moving,” Amy makes it easy for everyone to love exercise and feel strong—both inside and out. Can’t wait to work out with Amy? Check out her YouTube channel and get started now. We met with Amy to ask her a few questions to get to know her better:

What is your coaching style?
Encouraging, inspirational, caring, and positive.

What does Tonal mean for someone focused on growing strength?
I work with a lot of moms and the biggest obstacle is time. Having Tonal just a few steps away makes it so accessible. Moms will often tell me they aren’t strong or can’t lift heavy…but then I ask them how much their kids weigh. As parents we are living muscle hypertrophy in real time as our kiddos grow! Strength training on Tonal only adds to that progression. 

What keeps you motivated when you’re facing an obstacle?
Reminding myself to just keep moving. It may not be perfect, it might be hard, but I can keep moving forward and through it.

Remember—listen to your body and don’t underestimate solid rest and recovery. You are training for one of the longest, hardest marathons of your life! Staying active with Tonal will help you better endure this amazing journey of becoming a mom.


You asked. We listened. Pilates has been top of mind for a long time, which is why we’re excited to announce our new mat pilates program with Coach Jeni—the latest coach to join our Tonal team. With an expertise in both Pilates and Barre, Jeni knows all the right moves to lengthen and strengthen from head to toe. 

Tonal is about unleashing your strongest self, and Pilates is an incredible way to build strength in a way other than lifting heavy weights. Practice Tonal’s mat Pilates and you’ll experience:

  • Long, lean muscles
  • Improved flexibility, posture and alignment
  • Improved stress and relaxation
  • Balanced strength for the whole body
  • Fine-tuning of all the small stabilizer muscles
  • Low-impact moves that are accessible to all
  • And, of course, killer core strength

About Coach Jeni

It’s all about the journey for Coach Jeni, nourishing your body through movement and strength. With a background in dance that evolved over time into her love of Pilates, Jeni understands the importance of longevity when it comes to strength.

What is your coaching style?
Uplifting and motivating.

What does Tonal mean for someone focused on growing strength?
You are able to strengthen your body in so many different ways when it comes to Tonal. Whether it’s Pilates or pushing it to the max, Tonal helps you get to your goals.

How do you maintain a strong and healthy mind?
Through Pilates and Yoga. Also challenging myself mentally with breath work and cold plunges doesn’t hurt!

Stretch it out on the mat with four new classes to sculpt yourself strong. And stay tuned—we plan on exploring Pilates more down the road. 

New Bootcamp Workouts to Get Fit Faster

Building strength on Tonal works up a sweat and now we’ve launched the ultimate way to sweat: Bootcamp. Improve your fitness with a crazy challenging, bodyweight-only series that builds that trifecta of serious strength, power, and endurance.

Bootcamp 101

What makes bootcamp, bootcamp.

Bodyweight Moves
To keep it fast and fierce, our Bootcamp workouts are all off Tonal. Expect a lot of quick transitions with pushups, burpees, speed drills, and other moves that use your body as weight while propelling yourself up with plyometric agility. 

High-intensity vs. Bootcamp
Tonal’s bootcamp classes are high-energy, time-based interval training classes that are a mix of bodyweight strength and cardio off Tonal. Our high-intensity workouts are a more traditional circuit format made challenging by programming back-to-back big compound moves, the majority of which are performed on Tonal.

We can’t wait to see you pushing it to the max with our new Bootcamp offering. Look forward to more classes as we go.

The information provided in this article is for educational and informational purposes only. Individuals with pre-existing health conditions, injuries, or concerns should consult with their healthcare provider before trying a new exercise or nutrition regimen.

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