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New on Tonal: Family Fitness, Meditation, Kickboxing, and Barre

Keep your routine fresh with these new modalities.

  • We’ve added four new ways to get strong on Tonal
  • Get your kids active with fun sport drills and more with new Family Fitness
  • Practice mindfulness and other wellness exercises with new Meditation 
  • Kick, jab, and plié your way to a stronger body with new Kickboxing and Barre

The good news keeps coming—we’ve launched four new formats on Tonal—Family Fitness, Meditation, Kickboxing, and Barre. All explore new ways to get strong. Each one proves that strength has many looks, from fun-filled to fast to slow and intentional. 

Family Fitness

Tonal has already opened up a whole new world of strength and fitness, but staying at home has boosted our creativity around the wants and needs of our members—parents, we’re thinking of you. We can’t think of a better way to get the whole family together than getting your kids active and moving with fun-sized fitness on Tonal. 

  • Get sporty with fun skills & drills 
  • Play pretend with bodyweight animal movements
  • Build family bonds while building strength
  • Release all that pent-up kid energy with superhero moves
  • Check out workouts led by Coach Gabby, Paul, or Pablo


Explore a whole new way to get mind-body strong with meditative exercises to practice on recovery days (or whenever). 

  • Practice mindfulness to calm the mind
  • Train breathwork to decrease stress
  • Use visualizations to boost overall positivity
  • Check out all practices led by Coach Jared and Allison


Jab your way to better cardio and strength while burning calories and building both coordination and confidence. 

  • Jab your way to better cardio and strength
  • Build endurance with punches and kicks
  • Burn calories with full-body drills
  • Improve coordination and confidence


Sculpt your way to dancer strong with pulse-heavy routines that build long, lean muscles and improve overall alignment and posture. 

  • Sculpt your way to dancer strong
  • Strengthen, tone, and stay lean
  • Pulse your muscles for a full-body (and booty) burn
  • Improve overall alignment and posture

We can’t wait to see you exploring new ways of getting strong on Tonal. Look forward to more classes as we go. 

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