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Increase Club Head Speed and Stay Injury-Free: Let Tonal Golf Upgrade Your Game

Sharpen your skills and build sport-specific strength with new golf workouts developed in partnership with professional golf champion Michelle Wie West.

A Stronger Game Starts Here

Golf is a sport of mastery. It takes years of practice to become the best. Take Michelle Wie West, for example. The golf champion has been in the game since she was 4 years old, and she knows exactly what it takes to reach the peak of her sport.

West’s tenacity, hard work, and dedication have helped her win five professional titles. Now, the legend is mining years of experience and sharing her expertise with the Tonal community in a new series of golf-specific workouts.

Train Like a Pro With Golf Workouts

Tonal Golf, developed in partnership with Michelle Wie West, offers you sport-specific workouts that target key elements of your game: adding distance to your drives, dialing in your short game, and supercharging every phase of your full or half swing.

The latest program, Swing Speed and Staying Power, consist of three workouts designed to continue elevating your skillset and improving your resilience. The full-body burner focuses on generating max power; the upper-body session is designed to help you maintain your mechanics late in the game; and the explosive, lower-body workout lays the groundwork for crushing the ball off the tee.

Programmed for golfers, Tonal Golf also includes mobility and yoga options can help you spend more time on the course and less time on the injured list, while meditation sessions sharpen your mental strength and focus.

Even when you’re short on time, the Tonal Golf Quick Fit workouts are a fast, yet effective (not to mention more convenient) way to get the same benefits of spending an hour at the range, all from the comfort of your own home.

Pull quote image reading "Even just a few minutes on your Tonal every day can help you with the muscle memory that is so important for golf." - Michelle Wie West

Win With World-Class Technology

From digital weight that always gives you the right amount of resistance for each move to artificial intelligence that personalizes every workout just for you, Tonal offers full-body training for the strength, recovery, and mobility needed to be at the top of your game.

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