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Finding Your Why

Defining why you work out will give you purpose, keep you on track, and help you reach your goals faster.

finding your why

What’s your WHY?

There are so many reasons why exercise is great. It boosts your energy and endorphins, keeps your body healthy, and prevents injury and disease. Exercise can increase your confidence, make your body feel better, and even help you meet new people. All of the reasons why you should exercise are great but if you don’t know why you personally are working up a sweat, you may not know where to start. Your why is your north star – no matter where you are it will give you purpose, keep you on track, and remind you of your destination.

So, let’s figure out your why!

1. Assess Your Goals

What’s your fitness goal and why are you trying to achieve it? There’s no wrong answer here so be as honest with yourself as possible and don’t be afraid to dig a little deeper.  

For instance:

I want to start working out. Why?

Because I want to have more energy. Why?

So I can keep up with my kids. Why?

Because I want to take advantage of playing with them and enjoying our time together as a family.  


Get really specific with your goals and why you want to achieve them. Why is it important to you? What will achieving that goal look like in six months or a year? Pick a goal that is unique and important to you and not just something you feel like you should do. The more personal your goal the more you’re going to want it!

2. Go With What You Love

What are you excited about achieving and why does it attract you? Margie Warrell, best-selling author of Stop Playing Safe, asks, “What makes you come alive?” To achieve a goal, get to know what will continue to drive that fire inside you because you’re so excited about it that you can’t wait to keep going.  

3. Measure Your Progress

Another recommendation from Warrell is to ask, “How will you measure your life?” In fitness terms, how will you measure the progress you’re making? Once you have a goal you’re excited about you can begin to map out your course for achieving it. Tonal will automatically record your quantitative progress, and you’ll be able to feel the qualitative results yourself – more energy, less pain, better sleep, and a better-feeling body.

With Tonal as your compass, you’ll see how much easier it is to reach your north star. Discover your why so you know where you’re heading and when to celebrate that you’ve arrived.

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