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DIY Projects to Make Your Tonal Feel at Home: Part 2

Whether you’ve had your Tonal for a while or you’re eagerly anticipating its arrival, let these eye-catching installations inspire you.

Tonal at home

We’re back with another edition of our favorite DIY projects to make your Tonal feel at home. Our members love to get super creative with their smart gyms with colorful lighting, textures, and wall art. 

With its sleek design, Tonal will transform any room into the ultimate workout space and make it easy for you to start each day strong. So, whether you’ve had your Tonal for a while or you’re eagerly anticipating its arrival, let these eye-catching installations inspire you.

An evergreen workout

There’s something very soothing about the neutral woodland vibe of this Tonal installation. The shades of brown and pops of green make this workout space feel so inviting.

a tonal installation in a room with a wooden floor and nice green plants
Courtesy of Gabby S

Living room camouflage 

What’s cool about Tonal is how it can seamlessly become part of your living space. With a few simple props, it will immediately feel like it’s part of the family.

a tonal installed in a living room with a bench and a plant
Courtesy of Daniel M

Sweat with a view

What’s not to love about overlooking a stunning lakeside vista in between your sets?

tonal adjacent to a wall covered with an image of a lake in a mountain valley
Courtesy of Rebecca B

Color me strong 

Members are fans of designing their Tonal walls with bold and bright geometric shapes and patterns. Using specific colors can even help boost your mood and focus, and a striking backsplash will set the tone for all your workouts.

a tonal on a wall with a colour geometric pattern behind it in blue, black and orange
Courtesy of Phillip W

Light it up

Lighting is another popular way to spice up your workout. Many members add strips of LED lights behind their Tonal to pave the way for their burn. 

a tonal with purple lights behind it
Cynthia O

Barn door fixings

This one is a bit of a bonus, and it’s technically not DIY unless you’re handy with the toolkit, but we had to showcase Kate Telge, our Senior Community Manager’s stunning Tonal installation.

a tonal installed on a wooden door with a be your strongest sign next to it
Courtesy of Kate T

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Before reaching for the toolbox, if your Tonal has yet to arrive, here’s our handy list of things to keep in mind: 

  • First things first, before you even flex those DIY skills, as per our pre-installation guidelines, make sure your space meets all the requirements. Determine your wall thickness and mark your studs. Read more.
  • While it’s optimal to have a 7’ x 7’ space, you’ll see from these community installs that the beauty of Tonal is it can work in smaller rooms too. Our pre-installation survey can help you decide on the perfect spot for your Tonal. 
  • Tonals get installed at a specific height: the bracket is installed 27.5 inches from the floor. Any extra flooring will add height, so if you’re planning to put workout mats down, it’s best to do this beforehand and remember to ensure you still meet the minimum space requirements. Read more.
  • After making sure your designated space is fine for installation, a professional team will drill eight holes and secure your Tonal to the wall with bolts. While you might want to paint or design the wall where your Tonal will live before this, depending on what you’re planning, it might make sense to wait until after your Tonal installation. Keep in mind that we recommend having two options for installation in case the first space doesn’t pass the final inspection. 
  • On installation day, you’ll need to move any furniture out of the way. Other than flooring and designing your walls, wait until your Tonal installation is complete before flexing your DIY skills with shelves and other details. 
  • Tonals cannot be installed on mirror, brick, or tiles — but you can add these materials once your Tonal installation is complete.  

Learn more about Tonal installations.

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