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8 DIY Projects to Make Your Tonal Feel at Home

Tonal home gym with neon lights

It’s easy to start the day strong when you share a space with the world’s smartest home gym. Whether you’ve had your Tonal for a while or you’re eagerly anticipating its arrival, these eye-catching installations courtesy of the Official Tonal Community will inspire DIY projects of your own.

No matter how you decorate your home gym, putting a Tonal into your home is very straightforward — it requires minimal space and has minimal needs, and if you need help finding the perfect spot, our team is here to help. On installation day, our professionals come to your home and do all the heavy lifting. Installing your Tonal is a quick and seamless 30-minute process, and a team of professionals will set everything up for you, including all the Smart Accessories.

With a sleek design, no matter where your Tonal lives, it’s going to transform that room into the ultimate workout space. Here are our favorite DIY projects to make your Tonal feel at home.

1. Lights, Tonal, Action

If a full-blown DIY project isn’t your jam, try adding colorful LED lighting around the space where your Tonal lives. Bold colors will work well in basements and garages.

Courtesy of Josef Bautista

2. Try Color Blocking

Add a splash of color blocking to the space where you work out with Tonal with a contemporary geometric design. Use a stand-out palette or opt for a theme that works with the rest of your home.

Courtesy of Tyler Lynch

3. Set the Mood in Small Rooms

If you don’t want to go too crazy with lighting but still want to create some ambiance, this simple set-up where you add lighting from behind packs a punch and works well for Tonal installations in small rooms.

Courtesy of Steph Longdo

4. Lit Color

If you don’t want to install lights but still want to illuminate your workout space in a clever way, use neon signs, colorful lamps, lightboxes, and other unique accessories to do the job instead.

Courtesy of Gemma Rose

5. Murals that Move You

Having a Tonal at home makes it easy to stay motivated, but this life-affirming mural in chalk paint is for those days when you need an extra push to conquer yourself.

Courtesy of Carrie Zimmerman

6. From Nook to Oasis

Tonal will transform any nook or corner, but adding plants, signs, and other personal touches will make it feel like you have a little wellbeing oasis right in the middle of your home.

Courtesy of Liz Letchford

7. Keep it Simple

Let the design of your Tonal do the talking on soft white walls, just add in some light boho minimalist textures or patterns with frames and storage.

Courtesy of Mike Curry

8. Accessorize but Make it Functional

This DIY project has a custom feature with clever storage: the black and white sign next to the Tonal opens up to become a small cupboard stashed with Smart Accessories. Use functional details like floating shelves and wall racks to keep towels and other bits and pieces needed for working out, but also to elevate your space.

Courtesy of Misty Olsen

If these DIY projects have got you reaching for the toolbox, but your Tonal has yet to arrive, here are some things to keep in mind:  

  • First things first, before you even flex those DIY skills, as per our pre-installation guidelines, make sure your space meets all the requirements. Determine your wall thickness and mark your studs. Read more.
  • While it’s optimal to have a 7’ x 7’ space, you’ll see from these community installs that the beauty of Tonal is it can work in smaller rooms too. Our pre-installation survey can help you decide on the perfect spot for your Tonal. 
  • Tonals get installed at a specific height: the bracket is installed 27.5 inches from the floor. Any extra flooring will add height, so if you’re planning to put workout mats down, it’s best to do this beforehand and remember to ensure you still meet the minimum space requirements. Read more.
  • After making sure your designated space is fine for installation, a professional team will drill eight holes and secure your Tonal to the wall with bolts. While you might want to paint or design the wall where your Tonal will live before this, depending on what you’re planning, it might make sense to wait until after your Tonal installation. Keep in mind that we recommend having two options for installation in case the first space doesn’t pass the final inspection. 
  • On installation day, you’ll need to move any furniture out of the way. Other than flooring and designing your walls, wait until your Tonal installation is complete before flexing your DIY skills with shelves and other details. 
  • Tonals cannot be installed on mirror, brick, or tiles — but you can add these materials once your Tonal installation is complete.  

Learn more about Tonal installations.

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