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18 Workouts Tonal Members Swear By

From strength and cardio to yoga and mobility, these are our members’ top picks.

Animated gif featuring some of Tonal members' favorite workouts

Tonal members are always up for a challenge, whether that’s going hard in a strength workout or trying out a new form of exercise like Pilates or yoga. Browse the Official Tonal Community on Facebook and you’ll find athletes sweating it out in heart-pumping cardio sessions or improving their range of motion in mobility classes. Here, members share their favorite workouts and programs, across all different disciplines and ability levels. You’ll find plenty of ideas for your own next challenge. 

Multi-Week Programs

Shaped and Shredded – Coach Gabby Sansosti 

Shaped and Shredded - Coach Gabby

This program combines heavy lifting, cardio bursts, and plenty of core moves to strengthen and sculpt your entire body. “Each movement seemed to complement the next and it made me feel so strong,” says Tonal member Rachel Mullis of Plainfield, Indiana. Part of the program’s appeal is Coach Gabby’s infectious  energy. “Gabby’s enthusiasm kept me hungry for more gains,” says Mullis. Shelby Harris, a behavioral sleep doctor and marathon runner, says the program was “equally challenging and energizing,” and even helped improve her running. “I’ve gotten some really strong age group placements for 5Ks and 10Ks recently, much of it due to the strength base I’ve put in,” says Harris. Shaped and Shredded is one of the most popular programs among female members, but plenty of guys are joining in on the fun, too. As one male Tonal member, Jeff from Texas says, “Gabby’s positivity and encouraging manner makes the tough work much easier.” 

Four Weeks to Fat Loss 2 – Coach Jackson Bloore

To really test your limits, this advanced program harnesses the power of metabolic resistance training. Fast-paced and with little rest in between sets, these workouts boost your metabolism so you’ll burn fat while getting stronger. A follow-up to the original Four Weeks to Fat Loss program, the sequel packs in even more intensity. Tonal member Jeremy Youngquist, who lives on the North Oregon Coast, is such a fan of the program that he’s about to complete it for the third time this year. “As I get stronger, it’s actually harder every time,” he says. Nicole Saltzman Zaunbrecher, a nurse from Wright, Louisiana, also recommends the program for making big gains. My strength score soared with this program and it definitely made me so much stronger,” she says. “Coach Jackson is a great motivator and an amazing coach.” 

Lean Machine Bootcamp – Coach Nicolette Amarillas

Tonal member Megan Lien, a healthcare data analyst from Portland, Oregon, was drawn to this program, which combines strength work with heart-pumping, bodyweight cardio, because it supports her goal of building muscle while getting lean. The bootcamp-style workouts didn’t disappoint. “Coach Nicolette is so positive and energetic,” says Lien. “Following along with her feels fun, but I definitely finish each workout dripping in sweat and feeling sore the next day.”

Beginner Boost – Coach Natalie Carey

When Ohio-based ESL teacher Brooke Leach Grable was starting out on Tonal last August, she didn’t have much experience with strength training. The Beginner Boost program helped her learn the ropes and get ready for more advanced workouts. “The program helped me learn the basics of Tonal and feel confident moving forward with future programs,” she says. “Natalie’s modifications and body positivity for all certainly made me feel like I could conquer the world.” 

“Natalie’s modifications and body positivity for all certainly made me feel like I could conquer the world.” - Brooke Leach Grable

Balance and Build – Coach Frances Flores

Tonal member Katie didn’t enjoy running or other typical cardio exercises but wanted to improve her cardiovascular endurance. In Balance and Build, Coach Frances slips in quick-moving plyometrics. Adding squat jacks and jump lunges in between strength exercises keeps these workouts dynamic. “I appreciate these bursts sneaking into my weight lifting, getting my heart rate up, and keeping me honest,” says Katie. 

Unstoppable Strength and Sweat – Coach Nikki Metzger

Julia Gracie, an Air Force veteran from New Mexico, says this program is one of her favorites because it features strength training and high-intensity cardio on alternating days to get the benefits of both modalities. “I also love the energy Coach Nikki brings to her coaching,” she says. 

One-Off Strength Workouts

Quick Fit: Amazing Legs – Coach Allison Tibbs

Quick Fit: Amazing Legs - Coach Allison

Even though it’s only 12 minutes long, this workout manages to work all the muscles of the lower body. It’s one of North Carolina-based member Sharon King Thompson’s favorites to tackle either on its own or stacked with other short workouts. “That’s the beauty of Quick Fits,” says Thompson. “I also just love working out with Coach Allison. She has a calmness about her that makes me believe I can do whatever she’s programmed.” 

Full-Body En Fuego – Coach Frances Flores

You’ll hit every muscle group in this advanced, full-body workout that comes highly recommended by Kenny Lussier, a technology product manager from Massachusetts. “The lifts and exercises that flow from one to the next, keep my heart rate high, and make me move a lot of volume,” he says. “It’s fast-paced, fun, and hard.” 

Core Workouts

Burning Abs – Coach Brendon Ayanbadejo

Burning Abs - Coach Brendon

Although this ab workout is challenging, Laura Randall of Wasilla, Alaska, says Coach Brendon manages to make the tough exercises fun. “It’s like sweating with your entertaining friend, who is working hard right beside you,” she says. “It’s my go-to for feeling like I’m really getting my core work done.” 

"It’s like sweating with your entertaining friend, who is working hard right beside you." - Laura Randall

Six-Pack Attack – Coach Jackson Bloore

Fast-paced and with all off-Tonal moves, this workout is a member go-to for squeezing in some core work anytime or on-the-go. “I’ve done this workout more times than I can keep track,” says member Lora Chasteen. “It’s intense but only 18 minutes long, and Coach Jackson is super motivating.” Luke McCage agrees, calling Six-Pack Attack “the perfect post-workout ab burner if you’re in a crunch for time.” 

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Low-Impact Cardio – Coach Amy Schemper

Low Impact Cardio - Coach Amy

A favorite among members who prefer workouts that are easy on the joints, this cardio session will get your heart rate up while keeping the movements gentle. “I love that Coach Amy offers modifications to bring the intensity up or down,” says writer KerryAnn Lussier. “She proves that you can get a great cardio workout without jumping.” 


Level Up Bootcamp – Coach Natalie Carey

Level Up Bootcamp - Coach Natalie

Mitch Gibbs and his wife Gloria like how Coach Natalie offers low-, medium-, and high-impact modifications for each move, creating an inclusive environment in this bodyweight workout. “She makes it clear that whatever level we’re up for that day is an accomplishment,” says Gibbs. “We both frequently go back to this workout and it’s different for each of us every time.” 

High Intensity 

Can You Handle It? – Coach Trace Gotsis

Can You Handle It? - Coach Trace

Jeremy Youngquist admits he has a “love/hate relationship” with this notoriously difficult full-body workout. “I love how it makes you sweat,” he says. “But boy, does it hurt! Seriously, though, the pain of that workout is what makes it so awesome and effective.” Lauren Wilson has only had her Tonal for a few months but she’s already done this workout “countless times.” She says, “the duration is perfect, it’s challenging, and it gets the heart pumping.” If you’re up to the task of moving major volume in heavy lifts and getting your heart rate up with minimal rests in between sets, it’s definitely one to try. 


Powerhouse Pilates – Coach Frances Flores

Powerhouse Pilates - Coach Frances

Ben Miller, a physical therapist from Attleboro, Massachusetts, discovered this workout by scrolling through the Tonal app and, like many trying Pilates for the first time, he was surprised by how tough the bodyweight workout could be. “This workout thoroughly woke the beast in my glutes more than any deadlift ever has,” he says. Through small movements and isometric holds, Coach Frances lights up the stabilizing muscles in your core and back.

“This workout thoroughly woke the beast in my glutes more than any deadlift ever has." - Ben Miller


Yin Yoga for Hamstrings – Coach Nikki Niestemski

Yin Yoga for Hamstrings - Coach Nikki

“If yoga scares you, this is a good one that anyone can do,” says Eric Olins, a physician from  New Brockton, Alabama who recommends this slow-paced flow. You’ll hold poses longer than usual in this workout to open up the hips and hamstrings. It’ll loosen you up after heavy lifting or a long run. 


Every Body Mobility – Coach Natalie Carey

Every Body Mobility - Coach Natalie

Before trying Every Body Mobility, Jill Goodman, a lawyer from Massachusetts, typically steered clear of mobility workouts because they often involve getting down on the floor, which irritates her arthritis. “Coach Natalie is very conscious of physical limitations so when she released a mobility workout, I trusted her,” says Goodman. “I was able to do it with no problems, and not only that, when it was over my joint pain had disappeared.” 


Complete Body Recovery – Coach Trace Gotsis

Complete Body Recovery - Coach Trace

Atlanta resident Aaron Marr found this recovery workout when he was “sore but really hungry for a lift on Tonal.” With dialed down weights and a slower pace, these workouts allow for active recovery by keeping your muscles moving but not pushing to failure. “It was my first recovery weight workout and I was very pleased,” says Marr. “I was able to focus on form as well as loosen up stiff muscles while getting a nice workout.” In his next full-weight workout, he was able to lift his highest volume ever thanks to the combo of rest and recovery. 


Calming Breath – Coach Jared Rodriguez

Calming Breath - Coach Jared

Between heavy lifting and high-intensity cardio, Tonal members also take time to relax with soothing meditations. Shelby Perkins Triick, a member from Atlanta who works in historic preservation, is especially fond of this one with Coach Jared. “Winding down with Jared’s breathwork is a great way to stay centered and to understand the role that intentional breathing can play in our everyday lives as well as our lifting routines,” she says.