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10 Billion Pounds Lifted

We’re stronger together and now we’ve accomplished a huge milestone for the Tonal community: 10 billion pounds lifted.

We’ve said it all along, we’re stronger together, and now we’ve accomplished a huge milestone for the Tonal community: we’ve lifted 10 billion pounds together. Let that sink into your muscles for a moment. 

Every rep with digital weight, every one-pound increment, and every time you increase your Strength Score — all the sweat, squats, and swear words helped us reach this incredible moment. Thanks to the strength of the entire Tonal community, we’ve raised the Golden Gate Bridge five times. While it’s no mean feat, we’re just getting warmed up. Will you join us as we get ready to take on the next billion? 

To celebrate this epic milestone, we asked community members to share why they love Tonal

Whether it’s the coaches, the feeling you get when you hit a personal record, or all the support and motivation from the Official Tonal Community, here are a handful of reasons why our members work out with Tonal! 

  • Natasha Kimble Stott: “As a busy mom with a husband who works unpredictable hours, I have struggled to put myself first. As I approach my 40th birthday this year, Tonal makes it possible to put myself first and grow stronger. Seeing the real gains in real-time is so motivating, and the community is great!”
  • Stephanie Cleveland: “I purchased a Tonal because I felt a home gym during a pandemic would help eliminate excuses not to work out. I’ve fallen in love with it and the way it makes me feel because I’m now part of a community that consistently motivates me and shows up for each other.”
  • Heidi Martin: “I’m motivated to work out with Tonal because it makes my body feel better. Tonal makes it more enjoyable and fulfilling.”
  • Greg Livesey: “As I entered my 50s — 80 lbs overweight and watching my relatives get old and debilitated — Tonal has effectively and consistently allowed me to spend large portions of my time reversing the effects of a formerly unhealthy lifestyle.”
  • Ashley Morey Draggoo: “The fact that I can finally lift my two-year-old up and out of his crib, without pain, well, that right there is a personal record in itself.
  • Lloyd Goss: “Because my cardiologist said that if I keep up this current progress, he’ll drop my blood pressure medication at our next appointment. He asked me what I’m doing for exercise, and I told him I got a Tonal.”
  • Thomas Sixsmith: “In a world where so many things are beyond your control, you can control how you show up to meet life and all it throws at you. I want to meet life at my strongest, and being physically strong is empowering.”

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