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Tonal’s Lower Body Tune-Up is Low Impact, But High Reward

Try this active recovery workout when you’re tired, sore, or stiff from lifting heavy.

The details on Tonal's Lower Body Tune-Up Workout

Active recovery is an integral part of a balanced fitness routine. If you spend multiple days a week pushing your body’s limits with intense workouts that leave you tired and sore, it’s important to balance that with lower-impact restorative workouts that regenerate your muscles so you can jump right back into heavy lifting.

Lower Body Tune-Up is an active recovery workout that’s great if you’re tired, sore, or stiff from other workouts. It’s also perfect for early morning or evening when you want to create heat without overworking yourself. This workout includes a long warm-up and cool-down, so your body feels rejuvenated and open.

Take It Slow

Lower Body Tune-Up is a perfect combination of challenge and ease, which is exactly what you need for active recovery. The major benefit of active recovery, as opposed to a rest day, is that you move and generate warmth in the body.

This diffuses the build-up of lactic acid and minimizes DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). Lower Body Tune-Up still includes some lower body strength exercises, but interweaves them with gentle movements and stretches. Therefore, you get the results from a strength workout with the added bonus of increased energy and mobility, as well as a relaxed body.

Move Better & Feel Stronger with Coach Liz

Coach Liz is completing her PhD in Exercise Physiology, so she has a wealth of knowledge on the body and its functionality. She knows better than anyone the importance of incorporating active rest in your fitness regimen. Her training style in this sequence is relaxing, soothing, and uplifting; even the sound of her voice eases tension in your body.

About Lower Body Tune-Up

You can complete Lower Body Tune-Up in just 25 minutes, so it can easily fit into your regular routine. This workout is suitable for all levels.

Lower Body Tune-Up Key Moves:

In addition to a comprehensive warm-up and cool down, this workout includes 1 block of 3 movements:

Pull-through, a highly effective strength exercise that activates the posterior chain (lower back, glutes, and hamstrings).
Split Squat, a single leg (isometric) movement that works the quads, hamstrings, and glutes.
Runner’s Lunge, a stretch that targets the legs and hip flexors.

This workout is available now on Tonal. Complete it on your next active recovery day at home or a showroom near you.

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