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Add Active Recovery to Your Fitness Routine With This Workout

Active recovery workouts like Less is More give your body a break from high-intensity workouts to help it build muscle and heal.

Get in an active recovery workout with Coach Jackson's Tonal workout Less is More

Strength training every day can actually harm your body’s ability to build more muscle. If you’re on a fitness schedule that requires you to complete difficult workouts daily, you should consider swapping out one of those workouts for an active recovery routine.

Coach Jackson created Less is More as an effective way for you to keep making progress in strength training by giving your muscles a much-needed break.

Do a Low-Impact Workout on Your Off-Days

Active recovery workouts like Less is More are an important part of any fitness routine. If you don’t incorporate off-days into your schedule, Less is More is the workout your body needs.

Without a rest day, your body will not have time to heal and get stronger. Low-intensity movements help decrease recovery time from intense workouts by boosting blood flow to your muscles and tissues. That means that you’re doing yourself a favor by taking a moment to slow down. Your body will be able to send much-needed nutrients to your muscles so that they can repair themselves and you can get stronger.

Work out with Tonal Coach Jackson

Keep Your Heart Rate Up With Coach Jackson

Coach Jackson designed this active recovery workout for avid fitness buffs who want a low-intensity workout that they can fit into their workout routine. It’s the perfect way to move forward in your training, and gives your body a break from high-intensity workouts to help it build muscle and heal.

Coach Jackson is an expert in intense muscle development. He will help you reach your goals and feel motivated to push yourself on every rep to get stronger.

Everything You Need to Know About Less is More

Less is More is suitable for all levels, including strength training beginners. This is a 37-minute workout that you can do whenever you need to fit in an active recovery session.

Work Your Chest, Shoulders, and Back

During Less is More, you’ll do these movements:

– Standing Overhead Press
– Neutral Lat Pulldown
– Scapular Pushup
– Reach & Rotate Opener
– 90-90 Arm Sweep
– Bench Press

Book a workout session at a Tonal showroom to give Less is More a try, or add this workout to your Tonal fitness routine right now.

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