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Elevate the Way You Work Your Triceps With Tonal’s New Workout

Train your triceps with Coach Paul's program on Tonal.

Developing strong, defined triceps takes time, dedication, and drive. Plus, there’s a misconception in the fitness world that in order to strengthen a muscle, you need to focus solely on that area. There’s more to strength training than that.

This old way of thinking can lead to unproductive training sessions and, as a result, it can take longer to build the muscles you want.

How Paul Trains His Triceps helps you get muscular shoulders and triceps and a stronger chest by shattering old ways of training.

Get More Out of Every Rep

Fitness expert Coach Paul created this workout to get you out of your muscle memory rut. You’ll push through any plateaus and build strong triceps more efficiently.

This workout switches up the mindset of how triceps should be trained. Instead of isolating the muscle, you’ll work your triceps as a kinetic unit with other muscles in proximity. These types of moves are called compound movements, which means that they work different muscle groups as one unit.

That means you’ll get more out of every rep. This workout will help you develop powerful, toned arms. It will also increase your ability to do every day activities (like pushing open a heavy door or stroller) better.

Get inspired with Tonal Coach Paul.

Feel Motivated With Coach Paul

Coach Paul weaves motivation and encouragement into every workout. Coach Paul says his style is “upbeat and enthusiastic but still challenges my people not only physically but mentally as well.”

His athleticism and incredibly strong triceps inspired him to create a workout that will help you get the defined muscles you want.

The Nitty Gritty on How Paul Trains His Triceps

This workout is best suited for people at an intermediate level. This is a 30-minute workout that you can repeat as needed!

Key Movements

This workout will strengthen your triceps through a series of key movements:

– Bench Press
– Standing Shoulder Press
– X Pulldown
– Push Up

Crush this workout right now on your Tonal, or watch this video to see what a workout on Tonal is like.