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Work Your Abs and Obliques With Tonal’s Core Special Workout

Work your core with Tonal's Core Special workout.

If you want to build core muscle fast, then give Coach Nicolette’s Core Special workout a try. You’ll work your abs and obliques to create an even better foundation for your body by strengthening an essential part of movement: the core.

Build a Powerful Core

Coach Nicolette takes full advantage of the 20 minute workout to give you everything you need to get stronger. Every single movement of Core Special prepares you for the ultimate core move: the handstand.

The ability to get into handstand means that you have an extremely powerful core, and Coach Nicolette challenges you to build that strength in this workout. You’ll start with a full body warmup that works your abs and obliques. Then you’ll begin the workout with a bang: the ISO Split Squat Lift.

In this challenging workout, you’ll use powerful moves to strengthen your abs and obliques and build a more powerful core.

Challenge Yourself with Coach Nicolette

The routine is a favorite of Nicolette herself, who crafted the perfect sequence after years of trial and error. Coach Nicolette uses Core Special to hone her own handstand practice.

Whether you’re working up to your own handstand, you need to build muscle for functional strength, or you want six pack abs, Core Special is the perfect solution.

Core Special Details and Key Moves

Core Special is a 20 minute intermediate level workout. It’s perfect as a stand alone workout and is great post lift or post cardio, too.

– ISO Split Squat Lift
– Hollow Body Rocking
– Mountain Climber

Give Core Special a go at a Tonal Showroom near you, or pump some tunes and do the workout on your own Tonal right now.

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