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Pull Your Weight with Tonal’s Beginner Back & Biceps Workout

Beginner Back & Biceps is an easy-to-follow upper body workout that’s perfect for the beginning of your fitness journey.

All about Tonal's Beginner Back and Biceps workout.

Starting a fitness journey isn’t easy. You may feel intimidated, overwhelmed, or unsure of what you should do to maximize your results. These feelings may cause you to give up before really giving it your all.

That’s why we created Beginner Back & Biceps— it eliminates fear and frustration and replaces them with an easy-to-follow workout perfect for the beginning of your fitness journey. It utilizes the two major pulling muscle groups, back and biceps, which work together in harmony to build your upper body.

Locking in Form is a Must

Beginner Back & Biceps is all about establishing a pull routine. Coach Nicolette structured this workout to include foundational pulling exercises that strengthen the back and biceps. This workout is full of great body cues to establish proper form and pulling techniques.

As a beginner, it’s extremely important to understand correct form and controlled body movement to avoid injury. This workout helps you learn all about proper form so that you feel confident every time you lift.

Take Charge with Coach Nicolette

It takes immense strength and determination to begin a fitness journey. By doing so, you are taking charge of your life and your future—that is an amazing feat and you should be proud of yourself! Coach Nicolette wants to help you on that journey by functioning as your trainer and guide. She will motivate you by making you feel strong and capable of getting the results you want. The more you give, the more you’ll get.

About Beginner Back & Biceps

According to Coach Nicolette, this is a “short little jammer” and will take you around 15 minutes to complete. It’s super quick and efficient, and will make you feel awesome.

Beginner Back & Biceps Key Moves:

Seated Row, a major back exercise. This is Coach Nicolette’s favorite exercise on Tonal.
Hammer Curl, a single joint movement that builds the biceps.
Plank with Reach, a full body strength and mobility movement with focus on the core.

Complete Beginner Back & Biceps now on your Tonal, or book a workout at your nearest showroom.

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