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Tonal Now Available in Hawai’i and Alaska

Join our growing community of coaches, professional athletes, and fitness enthusiasts.

graphic with an outline of Alaska and Hawaii with Tonal's logo
  • Tonal, the world’s smartest home gym, is now available to residents of Hawai’i and Alaska. Join our growing community of athletes, coaches, and strength training and fitness enthusiasts.
  • Given the costs and infrastructure needed to deliver and install Tonal in these locations, there will be a flat fee of $550 for orders delivered to Hawai’i and Alaska,.

To our friends in Hawai’i and Alaska, we’re thrilled to have you join the strength training revolution. The world’s smartest home gym is now available for you to purchase.

Tonal is designed to help you become your strongest, and we use the most advanced technology to personalize hundreds of workouts and tailor them just for you. Join our rapidly expanding community, from families and strength training enthusiasts to professional athletes and sporting legends. 

For orders delivered to Hawai’i and Alaska, there will be a flat fee of $550. Our team of trained professionals will install your Tonal (which weighs nearly 150 pounds), and make sure everything is set up for you to be your strongest. 

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