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So Many Reasons Why Tonal is Worth It

Tonal members share what they love about the world’s most intelligent and convenient home gym.

Our members are getting real about how Tonal works for their strength. Here’s what they’re saying about the world’s most intelligent and convenient home gym.

The convenience is an absolute win.

“The convenience of being able to walk into another space in my home and strength train for 15-30 minutes between meetings has not only had a positive impact on my physical health but my mental health as well. It’s me time. It’s get strong time.”
– Jodi, New Smyrna Beach, FL

There’s no need to share gym equipment.

“I don’t have to share equipment with other people. I don’t have to worry about getting sick. There’s no excuse for you not to work out. I love it. It’s the best investment ever.”
– Wei, Los Angeles, CA

We don’t have to find childcare to work out.

“When we go to the gym, our kids have to go to childcare. But when you have an at-home system like the Tonal my kids get to see my wife and I working out and enjoying it. It helps us further set the example of what living a healthy and active lifestyle looks like.”’
– Michael, Denver, CO

I can kick my butt from home.

“I am five-months post-partum and without a doubt, thanks to the Tonal I am in better shape than ever! With Tonal I hop out of bed, throw on some shorts, and get to it. The convenience of being able to kick my own butt from home is unreal! ”
– Marisa, Dallas, TX

It’s everything I need for strength training.

“I love my Tonal! I chose Tonal because no home gym is complete without strength training. It will more than satisfy my need for resistance training.”
– Sharon, Bermuda Run, NC

It’s like having a personal trainer 24-7.

“As a very busy Media Exec, Tonal helps me not miss my weightlifting workouts, plans my sessions, pushes me to complete all my reps, & crush goals!”
– Janice, Las Vegas, NV

I have better focus on my form.

“The step-by-step instruction on weight lifting/form without stepping foot in a gym is an absolute win for me.”
– Christine, New York, NY

I can literally do any exercise.

“I love how I can do literally any weight-bearing workout on Tonal. There is honestly no way for me to come up with an excuse to not work out every day.”
– Bere, Tucson, AZ

I feel like the coaches really know me.

“I absolutely adore all the coaches, they are so motivating, encouraging, and it feels like I’ve developed a personal camaraderie with each of them.”
– Kendra, Browns County, CA

The best training product the fitness industry has seen in decades.

“I have a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and have been involved in EVERYTHING FITNESS for the past 20 years. I simply cannot contain my passion for this product… Tonal is perfect for the beginner to the fitness junkie!”
– Andy, Boca Raton, FL

My workout consistency has skyrocketed.

“This system is the greatest revolution to exercise and the world needs to know about it. With Tonal, my consistency skyrocketed and I have yet to miss a Tonal day in 2020.”
– Hubert, San Francisco, CA

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