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Don’t Miss a Week: Start Your Strength Training Streak

Consistency is the secret sauce of reaching your fitness goals. Celebrate your hard work with streaks.

New! Keep up your Tonal streak.

It’s our mission to help you accomplish your fitness goals, and we want to celebrate with you when you’re on track. That’s why we’re launching streaks in our mobile app—a feature that keeps track of how many consecutive weeks you complete at least one Tonal workout. How many weeks in a row can you stretch your Tonal streak?

Where to find your Tonal Streak in the mobile app.

How to Find Streaks in the Mobile App

To see your current streak, tap on the Profile tab in the upper left corner of your Tonal mobile app. We’ll let you know where you are in your streak or if you’re about to lose it.

  • If you haven’t started a streak, we’ll encourage you to start one!
  • If you’re on a streak, we’ll show you the number of weeks you’ve worked out on Tonal at least once.
  • If it’s nearing the end of the week and you haven’t done a Tonal workout, we’ll let you know that your streak is at risk.
Do a Tonal workout every week to keep up your Streak!

Keep building good workout habits and share your success along the way. Don’t forget to post your streak number in the Tonal Community Facebook Group. We’re all rooting for you.

Your streak number is only accessible on the mobile app right now, but we’re looking into bringing it to your Tonal too.

Download the mobile app for iOS or Android, and start your strength training streak today.

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