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See Your Progress Over Time With Stats in the Tonal App

Track your workouts, volume lifted, programs completed, and more with stats on the Tonal mobile app.

New: see your progress over time on the Tonal mobile app

Track and Measure Your Fitness Success

As any fitness expert will tell you, being able to track and measure your progress is an essential part of any successful fitness journey. This is why we are excited to introduce new features into our mobile app that help you see where you’ve been, track your progress over time, and better plan for the future.

In our newest mobile app, released today, you can tap your profile and view your historical performance across four areas: Volume, Workouts, Movement, and Programs. Each gives you a different snapshot of your strength journey, day-by-day and month-by-month.

See your progress over time by tapping into the different sections of your profile in the Tonal mobile app.

To access these new features, open your Tonal app and tap on your profile in the top left corner to access the profile tab. Here you can see four quadrants of information. Tap on any of them to go deeper and see your performance over time.

See your progress over time by tapping into Volume in your mobile app profile.

Tracking Volume

If you tap on Volume, the total number of reps multiplied by the amount of weight per rep, you will see your comprehensive Volume history on Tonal. At the top of the screen is the total volume you have lifted since starting with Tonal.

Below that you can track your volume by week, month, or year, as well as your peak performance statistics.

(Fun fact: if you’ve lifted more than 13,000 pounds in a week, you’ve lifted the equivalent of an African Elephant!)

See your progress over time by tapping into Workouts in your Tonal mobile app profile.

Tracking Workout Activity

Tap Total Workouts in your profile to unlock your historical workout stats.

See how many minutes you spent working out each day for any given week, month, or year. We’ll also show you your workout Peaks: the max number of workouts you’ve ever done in a week, and the maximum amount of time you’ve spent on a single workout.

Want to see the Workout Summary for a specific workout? Just tap on any workout in the Activity Tab.

See your progress over time by tapping into the Movement section in your Tonal mobile app profile

Tracking Movements

Tap into the Total Movements section of your Profile to see a list of all of the movements you’ve completed. We count movements completed in Free Lift and in guided workouts and programs. Can you do all of the hundreds of available moves on Tonal?

See your progress over time by tapping into the Program section of your Tonal mobile app profile.

Tracking Program Summaries

Tap into the Total Programs section in the Profile Tab to see comprehensive stats for every program you’ve completed on Tonal. Here you can see:

The Total Volume you’ve lifted during the course of all Tonal Programs
Total Number of Workouts you’ve completed that were part of a Tonal Program

Tap into each program to see your Program Summary and compare your Program Summaries to see how much stronger you’ve gotten after each one.

We hope all of these new workout stats inspire you to keep working out and keep getting stronger so that you can reach your fitness goals.

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