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Powered by Tonal: Becoming Stronger Helped Brian Littlefield Find Confidence Again

When the pandemic hit, this Tonal member had a chance to focus on himself again after years of devoting his energy to his family and career.

a man standing with his tonal exercise machine and smiling

For 25 years, Brian Littlefield focused on his career and family, leaving little time for himself. When the pandemic hit, life slowed down. Suddenly he wasn’t running around after his kids, and while he was working from home, there was a chance for Brian to focus on himself after a really long time. Working out with Tonal helped him get stronger and find confidence again.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a financial advisor from Fort Worth, Texas. I’m married with three active kids, and my wife and I spent most of our free time running them to their obligations. Once the pandemic hit, it made me take a step back because I was stuck home working, and all my kids’ sports were canceled. At that time, I was 300 pounds and knew that I needed to start working out. 

Tell us about how you came across Tonal and why you decided to buy one?  

I knew that convenience would be the most important thing for me to stick with a program once the world went back to normal. So, I started working out at home, using a Smith Machine and a NordicTrack stationary bike. It was more convenient than going to a gym, but the mechanics of setting up every exercise, made the workouts take much longer than required. 

I saw Tonal on a Facebook ad and was intrigued by it and started looking into it. I found Joey Bee on YouTube, went back to his early videos, and watched his transformation. It convinced me that we needed a Tonal too. 

What was the first day like with Tonal?

We got our Tonal installed on April 21, 2021. I felt like I was already in decent shape. After my assessment, I chose an advanced workout, Go Big or Go Home. I quickly realized I was not ready for that kind of intensity but continued the program anyway. Tonal worked me harder than the Smith machine ever could, and the cardio workout while lifting was better than my NordicTrack bike. With Tonal, I was also completing my workouts in much less time.

“Tonal was working me harder than the Smith machine ever could, and the cardio workout while lifting was better than my NordicTrack bike.” 

a series of images showing the transformation of a man over the course of two years

Tell us about where you were at the start of your journey and where are you now?

In my high school years, I played football and was lean. I struggled to put on weight, and in trying to get bigger, I developed horrible eating habits that have been with me ever since. Over 25 years, I gained 120 pounds. My focus during that time was my career and my family and kids. 

When the pandemic hit, it made me take a look at myself and my health. I decided it was time to make a change. In December of 2020, my transformation began. I started with adjusting my diet by learning what to eat and how to prepare our food.

When I started my journey, I was at 300 pounds. When I got my Tonal in April 2021, I was 226 pounds and 25.1% body fat. My lean tissue weight was 161.5 pounds. As of my last Dexa scan in May 2021, I weighed 210.9 pounds, was down to 15% body fat, and my lean tissue weight had increased to 171 pounds. So, since getting Tonal, I have lost 25 pounds of fat and gained 9.5 pounds of muscle. Also, my Strength Score went from 597 to 1212 during that time.                                                                                                                                                                             

How has being stronger impacted different areas of your life?

I just feel better and more confident about my body. I don’t feel the need to keep a shirt on at the pool anymore. I have more energy and don’t feel like I’m carrying another person on my back all the time. There were so many areas where the extra weight negatively affected my life, and I don’t worry about those problems anymore. 

The feeling of carrying less weight and being stronger makes everything I do daily easier. I no longer struggle with simple activities like getting winded from walking short distances or hurting from standing in one place for a long time.

At my heaviest, I was too big for a ride at an amusement park, and I remember the embarrassment I felt while walking out of the ride area. I guess that was the first time it sank in just how big I had gotten. I have a trip coming up, and we booked a hiking excursion, which is something I would never have done before.

Now, I even have the zip-lining, which wasn’t an option because I was too heavy before. My family goes snow skiing, and my weight had gotten to the point where it wasn’t enjoyable and challenging to get down the mountain. Now I’m in the best shape of my life and look forward to going back and skiing with my new body. Knowing that weight will no longer hold me back and limit how I live is a great feeling.

What obstacles did you face on your journey, and how did Tonal help you overcome them?

My biggest obstacle is time and convenience. Tonal is by far the most convenient way to get your daily exercise in. I know that all I need is an hour, five days a week, to keep hitting my goals. I live 20 minutes from the closest gym, and in the amount of time it would take me to get ready and go to the gym, I can complete an entire workout with Tonal.

“My biggest obstacle is time and convenience. Tonal is by far the most convenient way to get your daily exercise in.”

What is the biggest unexpected benefit you’ve received from having Tonal in your home?

The excitement to work out. Even when I don’t have much energy, I know that I can complete a workout in a small amount of time and move closer to my goals. Every day I look in the mirror and see myself evolving into what I had hoped to become, and it helps me stay motivated and consistent.

What’s the one piece of advice or the biggest lesson you’ve learned during your transformation that you want to share with the rest of the community?

Get a plan and start working on it. It’s ok to modify the plan as needed, but keep your focus on your goals and keep working to achieve them. For me, diet is still a huge factor. I track my macros — carbs, fat, and protein— every day, which helps me.

What does it mean for you to be your strongest? 

For me, it is about mentally and physically pushing yourself to do your best and achieve what you’re capable of becoming. It means not limiting yourself with bad habits that you are not comfortable getting out of and finding the motivation to change.

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