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The Philosophy Behind Be Your Strongest

“Be Your Strongest” is about living a happier lifestyle with a healthy body that has the balanced strength you need to reach your goals.

The Tonal philosophy behind be your strongest

The Tonal mission is to build systems that transform people’s lives through fitness, health, and wellness. That’s a big statement. So, how is that done? By assembling a team of experts, inventing digital weights, building the most advanced piece of fitness equipment, and then creating workouts that utilize this brand-new technology to get people to work out in new ways.

Our team of athletic and performance specialists understand the human body at the systems level to leverage training methods and deliver results to our athletes. The common theme here is the idea of using a “systems approach” to upgrade lives. While this seems like a simple idea (and it is), it sets the foreground for everything we do at Tonal and challenges us to understand “the why.”

Our tagline Be Your Strongest is our north star – it dictates everything from the hardware down to how we talk about the programs we designed for you.

Being your strongest is not just about how much you can lift.

Strength is foundational to all movement. Whether you are an athlete looking to achieve peak performance or a busy professional looking to live healthfully, it’s about achieving a stronger body that has the balanced strength you need to reach your goals.

Tonal: the importance of strength training

The Importance of Strength Training

Strength training helps to develop strong bones, improve overall body composition, and reduce the effects of chronic diseases. Tonal Programs develop musculoskeletal strength, core stability, muscle balance, flexibility, and power so you can feel your strongest, and look your strongest.

We believe that if you do random things, you’ll get random results. That’s why we’ve developed systematic programs to help you reach your goals. Each program is scientifically optimized to work your muscles in the right way, at the right time, with the right amount of weight. How many times have you gone to the gym and made up a routine as you went to only feel like you didn’t really accomplish anything after 30 minutes? Or had to start and stop a set because the weight was too heavy or too light?

You wouldn’t roll out of bed and take an exam without studying, so why do you work out without a plan?

Just like a structured study session, your workouts have a purpose. We always start with a dynamic warm up designed to prepare your body to make progress during every routine.

We then lead you into carefully designed strength blocks starting with larger muscle groups to work since this is the most effective use of your time and physiology. We end with isolation movements and core work to target qualities of strength related to your goals. We even program corrective exercises and active recovery so you can recover faster, and continue to move well throughout your session.

The philosophy behind be your strongest: fitness is a lifestyle

“Be Your Strongest” Is a Lifestyle, Not Just A Fitness Plan

Our system is designed with the intent to get the most out of every session so we can evolve with you every step of the way and continue to innovate with purpose. For us, fitness is not a pseudoscience or one-size-fits-all, it’s a lifestyle that we want to help you create.

So choose a coach, start a workout, and #BeYourStrongest.

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