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Meet One of Our Newest Tonal Coaches: Gabby Sansosti

Tonal coach Gabby Sansosti wants to challenge and empower you.

Our inspirational coaches play a huge part of what makes Tonal so motivating and rewarding, which is why we search long and hard for the most vibrant ones. Our newest coach Gabby is her own brand of sass and empowerment, with contagious energy that gives you the lift you need as you power through your sets. We sat with Gabby and asked her for tips on staying fit (and sane) while we’re all cooped up at home. 

What were the first steps you took to get into fitness professionally?

Growing up a dancer I have always been physically active. I was filled with so much passion for the journey so, 13 years ago, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue dancing as a career. When I started to lose a bit of that passion I started a hunt to find that feeling again. It was during that search that I found a new stage to shine on, the stage of leading group fitness classes. Barre classes were the gateway from my dance background to my future in fitness.

How did your relationship with Tonal strengthen your commitment to fitness?

Tonal has provided me with a platform to touch not only people in my city and in my classes but now on a NATIONAL level! The idea of being able to support, inspire, and challenge people to greatness outside of my direct reach has me so excited and committed to not only my future with fitness, but all of your futures with fitness, as well.

We’re all experiencing the challenge of being stuck at home with no access to a gym. Do you have any tips for staying fit during this time? 

Invest in Tonal! Ha! Truly though, Tonal eliminates any excuse.  From strength training programs to cardio classes, all the way to yoga, Tonal has your back from the convenience of your home. But we have to remember, our bodies are a phenomenal tool. Think of all of those amazing moves that don’t require any equipment. Getting back to the basics is sometimes exactly what we need!

What are some of your favorite ways to stay sane when at home?

Bia! She’s my 11-year old pup who is truly my ride or die. She’s been with me almost my entire journey here in LA and has kept me full of love all these years! Outside of her, I find journaling to be an amazing self-exploration and release tool. I also love cooking and cleaning and music. I can drift away and find happiness through music and movement. It brings me back to the feeling I had as a dancer.

What are some of your favorite workouts on Tonal? 

Honestly, there is a Coach for everyone on Tonal and I recommend you give every Coach a shot.  My personal favs are “Full Body Blast” with Coach Liz, “Strong Core, Glutes Galore” with Coach Nicolette and “Calm Mobility” yoga with Coach Frances. If you want to check me out, I dig “Elevate Yourself” for an upper body option and “Leg Day Burn” for butt-kicker for the lower body!

If you could describe your workouts in one sentence, what would it be? 

Empowering and challenging—not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well!

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