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Coach Nikki Metzger Will Make You Feel Like You’re Part of a Community

a woman doing a chest fly on tonal

For Coach Nikki Metzger, the key to feeling motivated is consistency. “Consistency in the gym, in the kitchen, and my daily routines is always what keeps me feeling right,” she says. 

Born and raised in Amery, Wisconsin, Coach Nikki, currently based in Scottsdale, Arizona, has been active throughout her entire life, playing sports and dancing. “Eventually, my love for dance became a love of movement,” she says. “After teaching all things from dance fitness [to] barre and high-intensity interval training, I eventually found my love [for] high-intensity strength and conditioning.” 

A certified functional strength coach and former Nike Master Trainer, Coach Nikki is most passionate about community. She discovered the importance of connected fitness during the pandemic when she had to pivot her fitness business to an online model to ensure her community would still get daily workout options. “What I noticed about myself going through that was it [made] me stronger every single day, and showing up and serving my community truly is my calling and my why. I felt stronger because I had to be strong for them,” she explains.

She is excited to become a Tonal coach because it gives her an opportunity to reach more people while still being able to provide a community experience. 

Coach Nikki has three workouts coming your way on Tonal. 

  • Stable Base: This strength-based, lower-body workout helps you focus on imbalances while stabilizing your core and reinforcing your mind-body connection, which in turn will improve how you move every day. 
  • Let’s Get Pumped: Elevate your heart rate and challenge your upper body with a strength and endurance workout that includes pushing and pulling and short bursts of cardio.
  • Break a Sweat: This workout is a great high-intensity workout for beginners. You’ll focus mostly on your upper body as you do movements that boost your heart rate for some serious metabolic benefits.

Here, get to know Coach Nikki a little better in her own words.  

Coaching Style: Challenging and comedic. “To kick your ass and make you laugh at the same time,” she says.

Morning Routine: “Snuggle my three-year-old kiddo, bring him to school, grab a coffee and get my workout on! Then I start my day.”

Benefits of Strength Training: “Nothing makes me feel stronger and more empowered than strength training. It has always been my favorite way to work out, and I always knew it would be the base of my training.” 

Workout Takeaway: “My goal is always to bring out your inner athlete and make you feel strong, empowered, and unstoppable while also having a blast.”