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Celebrate Your Progress with Tonal Achievements, PRs, and Workout Summaries

Tonal gives you recognition for all your hard work—the more you sweat, the more you celebrate.

  • Now you have fun new ways to track your progress—the more you sweat, the more you celebrate
  • Celebrate your gains with achievement badges and milestones
  • Recognize personal records”(PRs) on Tonal in real time
  • A fresh new look for workout and program summaries with more stats and details

Seeing how far you’ve come can be the best inspiration to keep going. Good news—now you can earn recognition for all your hard work on Tonal. We’ve launched an arsenal of fun, new ways to celebrate your progress, including achievements, personal records, and more detailed workout summaries to keep you motivated.

An iPhone screen shows multiple icons and achievements on the Tonal app.


Every important achievement, from your first workout to your longest workout streak, will now be recognized on Tonal and in the mobile app. With our new achievements feature you can celebrate your progress throughout your Tonal fitness journey by earning:

  • Milestones. Boost your confidence with celebrations for reaching milestones in your progress, like hitting the 50,000 lbs lifted mark, or completing your 50th workout.  
  • Badges. Get awarded for things like working out on your birthday, trying a yoga flow, or crushing High Intensity workout for the first time. 

To increase the inspiration factor, you can share each of these achievements with your friends (and stoke their motivational fire, too) via the mobile app—see your progress towards your next achievement on the home screen, or tap in to see all the ones you’ve earned.

Already hit some major milestones on Tonal? They’ll automatically appear on the Achievements screen of your Tonal mobile app. There is a large assortment of other badges that you will have to seek out like a treasure hunt!

Don’t have the Tonal mobile app yet? Download it now for iOS or Android.

Personal Records

Now you can celebrate personal records (PRs) on Tonal in real-time when you reach new heights for a move in your workout. Tonal will give you a real-time shoutout on your trainer, per move when it happens:

  • Strength: Whenever you increase your 1-rep max for a move.
  • Power: When you hit the most powerful rep (weight x speed) you’ve ever performed for a move.
  • Volume: When you set a new record for the most volume you’ve lifted in a single block for any move.

Program and Workout Summaries

We gave a fresh new look to the program and workout summaries you already love. Now you have an even more detailed look into your performance stats, like seeing exactly how you’ve improved week-by-week throughout the entire program.

  • Program summaries: Now you can compare your workouts week-over-week—see how your strength score changed with every improvement in lifting volume, increased weight, and other metrics with each repeated workout.
  • Workout summaries: Enjoy all the same detailed metrics as before with the addition of seeing every last Achievement. 

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