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Coach Profile
Allison Tibbs

For Allison, strength training is a radical form of self-care. Her approach to mental health, combined with her calming style, promotes gratitude and stillness, all while motivating you to sweat your hardest. Empathetic but no-nonsense, she’ll use her expertise to help you be your strongest, inside and out.

What keeps you motivated when you’re facing an obstacle?

Remembering what I have already overcome and knowing that my life has purpose and meaning. That process helps me to keep going because I know that I can and that I have survived 100% of my worst days and that I have learned the lessons to be able to overcome whatever is in front of me.

What makes you most proud to be a personal trainer?

Being able to see my clients reach goals that they never thought possible. It is about them finding their strength and transferring that strength to other areas of their life. They walk taller, advocate for themselves, and show up more authentically.