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Introducing Tonal

Introducing Tonal: The World’s First Machine Learning-Powered Strength Training System That Pushes You to Be Your Strongest with Interactive, On-Demand Guided Workouts

Apple, Fitbit and Nest alums put the benefits of personal training in the home through a first-of-its-kind connected strength training experience enabled by digital weights

SAN FRANCISCOAugust 16, 2018 — A seasoned team of consumer hardware and software experts, fitness professionals, content producers, and brand builders today reveal the future of home fitness, Tonal: the first-ever personalized digital weight system with interactive video workouts that are powered by machine learning. Tonal is like having a personal trainer and an entire gym in the convenience of your home. Hailing from Apple, IDEO, GoPro, Nest, and Fitbit, this team has created a compact, wall-mounted strength training system that combines sleek hardware with on-demand personalized coaching. After three years of product development, seven iterations, and two years of beta testing, Tonal is available to buy at with deliveries beginning this month or to demo at the San Francisco showroom (1824 Union Street).

See the Tonal experience in action:

Strength training is foundational to everything we do – whether you are carrying groceries, working to lose weight, or increasing your athletic performance. It is utilized by personal trainers and strength & conditioning coaches to achieve results for their clients including weight loss, athletic performance, and general fitness.

“While optimal for fitness, strength training is complex for even those experienced with it, and often inconvenient and intimidating to the average person looking to improve their health,” says Aly Orady, CEO and founder of Tonal. “We used our expertise to create an effective in-home strength training system, giving people the equipment they need paired with multi-week programs personalized to them and their goals. Maintaining a consistent fitness routine is key, so we designed a system centered around convenience and guidance for both athletes and newcomers alike. We’re thrilled to now unveil Tonal to the public after years of development.”

While the benefits of strength training are well understood, it’s hard to do — the space required for traditional equipment is more than most homes can accommodate, and the knowledge required to effectively strength train is held primarily by experts such as trainers and coaches. With Tonal, you can get personalized expert-led programs around your schedule and goals — whether you are just getting started or taking your fitness to the next level.

“Few people take the time to find the right program for their goals, know how much weight to lift, or understand when to adjust that weight up or down,” says Kelly Savage, Tonal’s Head of Curriculum. “Tonal has revolutionized these and many other aspects of training, with full-body programs for legs, arms, shoulders, back, and core, incorporating strength, flexibility, and intervals. This is the first time I’ve been in a position to positively impact so many lives.”

Tonal has streamlined the strength training experience by inventing a new category: digital weights. Powered by an electromagnetic resistance engine controlled by an algorithm, rather than large metal plates and gravity, Tonal’s first-of-a-kind digital weights provide smooth and precise weight in single pound increments and replace an entire gym full of equipment.

Here’s how Tonal works:

  • Set Your Goals + Take the Fitness Assessment: Your first time using Tonal, set your fitness goals and then Tonal will guide you through an assessment to measure your baseline strength. The baseline is used to personalize workouts, recommend programs, and automatically dial the ideal weight for each move.
  • Suggested Programs + Elite Coaching: Based on your baseline and goals, Tonal will recommend the ideal programs and workouts for you. Hundreds of hours of expert coaching, with a variety of personalities and styles, guide you through multi-week programs based on your goals, with different exercises each day to maximize results. Try stand-alone workouts with a variety of coaches, or choose a program and a coach that’s right for you, and switch as often as you like.
  • Measurement + Intelligence: Using machine learning, Tonal automatically measures your reps, sets, range of motion, time under tension, power, and volume, so you can systematically see your progress and review your stats in real time. A Free Lift Mode even allows you to build your own workouts and Tonal will remember your weight from set to set.
  • Advanced Features + Digital Weight: Tonal’s digital weights measure and respond to you. If you’re struggling to complete a rep, its sensors automatically take over and adjust the weight so you can finish your set. A simple button-push of the smart handles turns the weight on and off so you can load weight once in position for an exercise.

The retail price of the Tonal system is $2,995 with a content & data subscription for $49 per month (unlimited users per household). Tonal has partnered with Affirm to offer combined monthly financing payments as low as $175 for the equipment and subscription, competitively priced relative to elite gym memberships, legacy equipment and personal training sessions.

To ensure a simple and seamless experience, Tonal offers a white-glove service and custom in-home installation for a one-time fee of $250. This premium installation is part of the simplicity and personalization of the Tonal experience.

To learn more, visit Tonal’s website at:

About Tonal

Tonal is the world’s most intelligent fitness system and the first truly personalized approach to strength training. Tonal enables people to lead healthier lives by providing them with the technology, guidance, and community support to effectively reach their fitness goals. Led by Aly Orady, a supercomputer engineer, the company makes strength training accessible to all. Combining cutting-edge, all-in-one equipment and personalized video guidance, it’s like having an entire gym and personal trainer, on demand, in the convenience of your home. Tonal is backed by leading venture capital firms and investors in health and fitness. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.


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