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The Tonal Accessories Shelf Can Transform Your Home Workout Space

Learn more about this stunning floating shelf and the woman-led team that crafts it.

Tonal Accessories Shelf, a floating shelf for storing Tonal Smart Accessories workout gear.

The Tonal Accessories Shelf is more than just a stylish way to organize and display Smart Accessories in your home workout space. It’s also a tool that can maximize training efficiency and a work of art carefully crafted by a team of woodworking artisans based in the United States. Read on for more information including the product specs and background on the certified woman-owned customized millwork specialist company that makes the shelf.

What is the Tonal Accessories Shelf?

Sturdy and sleek, this floating shelf is available in three stylish finishes: Light Aged Ash, Matte Black, and Coffee Oak. It’s the ideal way to ensure you can flow through your workouts smoothly. The innovative design makes twisting in T-lock attachments as easy as turning a key so you won’t waste one minute of your training time fumbling with swapping accessories. Plus, with a small footprint and modern design, the shelf has minimal impact on your living space.

Tonal Accessories Shelf Product Specs

Image or Roar by Stacy Sims sitting on Tonal accessories shelf.
  • Dimensions: 24″w x 6″d x 3.4″h
  • Weight capacity: 45 pounds  
  • Self-install. Hardware and instructions included. 
  • Holds up to four Smart Accessories.
  • Accessories not included.
  • Care: Dust or wipe off with a soft dry cloth.
  • Responsibly made in the United States.

How to Install the Floating Shelf

You won’t need a contractor to install the Tonal Accessories Shelf. Wood Technologies, the company that makes the shelf, designed it in a way that anyone can easily install it. “This credit belongs to our design team, as they did all the testing and worked out any bugs,” says the company’s founder, Lydiann Lengacher. All you’ll need is a drill, a tape measure, and a level; all other supplies are provided.

Tonal Accessories Shelf Background 

Tonal originally commissioned the shelf solely for display in Tonal showrooms, but so many customers asked to buy it that Tonal partnered with Lengacher’s company, Wood Technologies, to produce and sell the shelf in the Accessories Shop.  

Lengacher, a member of Grabill, Indiana’s Amish community, started her business in a converted chicken coop more than 30 years ago. She first built antique reproduction fixtures for a national personal care brand in 1989. Her superb craftsmanship has been in demand ever since. Over the decades, her operation has grown into a 80,000-square-foot production space, warehouse, and office—and she’ll soon be expanding to a 120,000-square-foot space keep up with growth. 

This is where the Tonal Accessories Shelf is crafted by a team that includes Lengacher’s extended family. “What’s really special is that even the third generation has started to work here,” says Wood Technologies purchasing manager and retired firefighter Tim Helmke. “We have four of Lydiann’s grandkids working full-time, and when schools are out, a few more come in and help.”

As a woman gaining recognition and growing her business in a largely male-dominated market with a limited budget, Lengacher faced early challenges in securing funding. “It was not a cake walk,” she attests. “But I was surrounded by family who supported me in a way that made this all come together.”

Lengacher also received strength and motivation from her close friend, Margaret Ringenberg, a World War II ferry pilot, flight instructor, corporate pilot, and record-setting air racer whose autobiography, Girls Can’t Be Pilots, has inspired young women for decades.  

“Margaret would come by, tell me to aim high, keep pushing forward, and that my dreams were possible,” Lengacher recalls.

Lengacher has been able to achieve those dreams, thanks in part to some of the lessons she’s learned along the way. Her business motto? “Act, don’t react.” Her team has uncompromising standards for design and construction. The result is a product so popular she’s had to invest in specialized equipment to keep up with demand. 

“Seeing how popular this product has become makes all of the hard work incredibly rewarding,” Lengacher says.

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