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Recover Like a Pro with Tonal and Theragun

a woman smiling and using a theragun massage device on her thigh

If you want to get stronger and take your training to the next level, recovery is essential. Tonal partnered up with Theragun — the creators of revolutionary massage devices that deliver percussive therapy — for this very reason. To provide you with an optimal way to train and recover. Like Tonal, Theragun is trusted by the pros. 

Try our exclusive Theragun content before or after a Tonal workout to help muscles warm up, cool down, or recover. Each session uses breathwork, movement, and percussive therapy to maximize strength gains from training on Tonal. Coach Lissa will walk you through how to use a Theragun Elite device to help relieve those muscles or prep them for performance. 

Benefits of Theragun Percussive Therapy

Whether you’re an athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or looking to relieve muscle tension, percussive massage can help you with performance, recovery, and overall wellness for day-to-day activities. 

Theragun is said to help accelerate muscle recovery, repair, and stiffness, activate the nervous system and muscles, provide stress relief and myofascial release. 

Theragun recovery 

Tonal offers three exclusive Theragun recovery sessions. 

Theragun Upper Body Recovery

This relaxing upper body recovery session uses breath, movement, and Theragun Percussive Therapy. Coach Lissa will rejuvenate your muscles and get you ready for your next Tonal workout. If you don’t have a Theragun, you can follow the session’s movement and breath portion.

Theragun Lower Body Recovery

This lower body recovery will leave you feeling refreshed. Coach Lissa will use breathwork, movement, and Theragun Percussive Therapy to get you ready for your next Tonal workout. If you don’t have a Theragun, you can follow the session’s movement and breath portion.

Theragun Total Body Recovery

This recovery session for the entire body is perfect after a long day, especially when you need some “me” time. Coach Lissa will give your body a reset through a combination of breathwork, Theragun percussive therapy, and movement patterns. If you don’t have a Theragun, you can follow the session’s movement and breath portion.

Theragun warmups

Tonal offers three exclusive Theragun recovery sessions.  

Upper Body Warmup

Get the blood flowing and heat your muscle tissue before a Tonal workout. Coach Lissa will show you how to use percussive therapy to target specific muscle groups with a deep, invigorating massage. Set yourself up for strength training success.

Lower Body Warmup

Wake up tired muscles before a lower-body workout on Tonal. Coach Lissa leads you through a series of percussive massage exercises designed to stimulate blood flow and increase your range of motion. Get prepped for your best workout yet.

Core Warmup

Before you attack a core-dominant workout, prepare your muscles for action with percussive massage therapy. Coach Lissa will demonstrate techniques for targeting deep tissue and isolating key muscle groups so that you can bring the heat to your strength training challenge.

Theragun cooldowns 

Tonal offers three exclusive Theragun recovery sessions.  

Upper body cooldown

Treat your upper body muscles to some deep, percussive therapy as you increase blood flow, help rehydrate the tissue, and reduce muscle soreness. Coach Lissa will help you recover faster and stay in the game.

Lower body cooldown 

Combat soreness in your lower body after an intense Tonal workout. Join Coach Lissa for some percussive massage therapy to get your blood flowing and decrease tension. You’ll be pain-free and back to crushing it in no time. 

Full body cooldown

Help your muscles recover from a core-heavy workout while increasing blood flow and reducing soreness. Coach Lissa will show you the secrets of percussive therapy, a deep and highly targeted massage technique. Keep your muscles healthy and ready for your next Tonal challenge.

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Watch this Tonal Talk with Coach Lissa

Looking for ways to supercharge your strength training? In this Tonal Talk, Coach Lissa teaches us how to optimize workouts using Theragun’s technology. Learn more about the science behind percussive therapy, and get detailed notes on how to use your Theragun to warm up, cool down, and recover.