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Meet Allison Tibbs: Our Newest Tonal Coach and Inspiration

Tonal’s newest coach will inspire you with her inspirational, motivational, and empathetic style.

We’re so excited to announce our latest and greatest coach, Allison Tibbs. Her fitness philosophy is to redefine wellness in a way that makes you your happiest, strongest, most whole self. Not only is she an NASM certified Personal Trainer with pre and post-natal specializations (among many others), she’s well-versed in nutrition and a bestselling author. We sat with Allison and got to know her—what inspires her, what strength means to her, and how she’ll be showing up as your Tonal coach. 

What inspired you to become a personal trainer?

I found my passion for fitness and taking care of myself when I was struggling with mental health issues. Fitness was a way for me to work on a goal, something I could see come to life and snowball me into this healthier, happier, more fulfilled person. Once I found my strength and peace, I wanted to pay it forward to help others. I quit my corporate job and made the leap to pursue personal training and life coaching. I don’t just want people to lose 10 lbs; I want you to look in the mirror and say, “I love you.”

What connection does strength training have to mental wellbeing?

Strength training creates a solid foundation to ensure that your body and mind are strong and functioning at the highest level possible. It allows you to live the best you can and it is a radical form of self care. 

How do you maintain a strong and healthy mind?

Gratitude and Curiosity. The brain is made to answer the questions that you ask it and when I ask myself what am I grateful for or what can I learn today or what am I looking forward to, my mind gets to explore what’s possible. It keeps me in a space that is positive and resourceful. It helps me to tap into what really matters to me. 

What’s your coaching style?

Inspirational, motivational, and empathetic. I want my clients to feel seen, heard, and felt. I try to create an experience for them every time we are together, and my goal is that every time they are done with a training session, they are walking away feeling better than when they came to the session. Walking taller, feeling accomplished, and ready for the next step of the process. 

Finish this sentence: “Be you. Be ___________. ”

Be you. Be Empowered. 

Empower yourself to explore what’s possible, knowing that you have everything you need to reach any goal that you set for yourself. 

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