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Holiday Family Fun With Tonal

Try Tonal’s family fitness series to keep kids moving and entertained.

image of a man against a colourful background next to squares of him doing different movements. The text on each square block from left to right reads: Kids Camp: Swimming, Kids Camp: Animal Explorers, Kids Camp: Animal Kingdom, Kids Camp: Football.
  • If you’re looking for a way to keep the kids moving and entertained over the break, check out our Family Fitness series. 
  • Tonal’s Kids Camp with Coach Paul is a safe and active way to have some fun together over the holidays, all from the comfort of your home. 
  • Our Family Fitness workouts are appropriate for all ages and any fitness level — great for little kids, grown-up kids, and those who are kids at heart!  

Parents, given that the holidays are here — and looking very different this year — we’ve got a special delivery for you. Tonal’s Kids Camp is a wonderful way to keep the kids entertained and spend time together as a family, all from the safety and comfort of your home. 

If you’ve been looking for additional activities to keep your little ones (and grown-up kids) engaged over the break, but need a little inspiration, our Kids Camp consists of four fun-sized workouts. 

  • Kids Camp: Swimming (Coach Paul) — Dive headfirst into our Kids Camp with this swim-themed family workout. 
  • Kids Camp: Animal Kingdom (Coach Paul) — If your kids are animal lovers, take them on a safari by having them play-act as their favorite animals. 
  • Kids Camp: Animal Explorers (Coach Paul) — Another wildlife-themed workout you can create a whole day of activities around. Begin the day moving together as a family, and then spend a few hours learning more about the animals that came up.  
  • Kids Camp: Football (Coach Paul) — If you love to watch football as a family over the holidays, this workout is a fun way to make it even more of an experience. Pretend you’re a pro and discover more about the sport. 

The holidays are a time to come together and make some memories. Doing activities like family workouts will give you all an opportunity to re-energize and connect. Even though we’re at home and unwinding, it’s always good to keep moving. The best part is that our Family Fitness workouts are available for members on our mobile app too.

Family Fitness workouts are great any time of year, especially if your children are being schooled at home or virtually. Don’t let the fun stop with our Kids Camp — you’ll find lots of other Family Fitness workouts on Tonal for the duration of the break. 

Tips for Celebrating the Holidays with Tonal

Use our Family Fitness workouts to create a whole day of fun activities for the family. Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling! 

  • Create a holiday fitness challenge for the family! Print off a calendar for everyone and use stickers to check off workouts, and perhaps you can give out small prizes and gifts at the end of the challenge.
  • Pull names out of a Santa hat to decide who picks your daily fun-sized workout. 
  • Dress up in costumes that are easy to move around.
  • Do our wildlife-themed workouts and then bake and decorate holiday cookies in the shape of animals together. 

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