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7 Tonal Features Members Can’t Live Without

hand on a cable with a handle

When it comes to Tonal’s features, our members are seriously spoiled for choice. From our revolutionary digital weight and expert strength training content to our next-level progress tracking and exclusive workout features, there are so many strong contenders. 

Having said that, we asked the Official Tonal Community to pick their favorites, and while it wasn’t easy to narrow it down, here are seven features Tonal members can’t live without!

1. Revolutionary digital weight 

a woman lifting a tonal barbell

Given that it’s at the heart of the Tonal experience, digital weight takes the number one spot. Powered by advanced electric motor technology, digital weight makes it possible to fine-tune the exact resistance at every millimeter and millisecond of a movement and is the most effective way to strength train. 

Why members love this feature: 

  • Tonal’s digital weight takes the guesswork out of strength training with weight recommendations and automatic adjustments for every move. As someone with zero desire to be in a gym, Tess Ramay-Miljkovic says, “Tonal’s AI weight adjustments give confidence to those who need it when lifting.”
  • Digital weight can increase resistance in one-pound increments — so you don’t have to jump weights based on what dumbbells are available. 

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“I bought these funky plates to wrap around dumbbells with a rubber band and took them back and forth to the gym. Such a pain and even that was still too much for moves like lateral raises. Thanks to Tonal’s digital weight, I can progress with every workout!”

Ann Kunitz Kingman 

2. Resistance at the touch of a button 

a man working out on tonal

Being able to turn resistance on and off at the touch of a button with Tonal’s Smart Handles is another feature that gets top billing among our members. Member Joe Wetterhahn says the resistance button has made it possible for him to lift more. “Until Tonal, I had to forgo training with heavier weights at home, having no spotter and some shoulder mobility issues made it unsafe. Now I just get into position, press a button, and like magic, the resistance is on!”

Why members love this feature: 

  • Tonal’s Smart Handles allow you to get into a position and turn on the resistance which significantly reduces the risk of injury. 
  • Smart Handles also track your movements to provide Form Feedback while adapting to your movement — ideal for anyone new to strength training.

3. Virtual Group Workouts

a selection of icons with images of different people against a tonal backdrop

In some ways, the popularity of this feature is a testament to the ties between the Official Tonal Community

Michelle Kenyon-Young was surprised by how much she enjoyed this feature, and she’s not the only one taking advantage of Virtual Group Workouts. “A bunch of us have created a weekend morning ritual around doing Tonal High Intensity or cardio workouts. It just enhances the overall [experience of the] community!”

Why members love this feature: 

  • Tonal’s Virtual Group Workouts are a great way to stay motivated and have some fun while breaking a sweat and an opportunity to build camaraderie with other Tonal members. 
  • Work out with friends in multiple locations with everything tracked seamlessly, like you’re all training together on the same Tonal, and cheer each other on with virtual high-fives.

4. Tonal’s game-changing Spotter

graphic of a man doing a bicep curl

Spotter is one of Tonal’s dynamic weight modes and a member favorite. Spotter is one of the main reasons Tyson Wade Hadfield bought Tonal. “I prefer working out on my own, it’s far more convenient for me, but to build muscle and make serious gains, you need to go to failure. For that, someone has to spot you through those last few reps. Tonal’s Spotter does that and pushes me far beyond what I’ve been doing in the gym for the past ten years.”

Why members love this feature: 

  • Spotter is just like having someone in the gym to help you complete your last rep or two, making it possible for you to go further than before and get stronger, faster. 
  • Spotter senses when you’re struggling in a rep and automatically lightens the weight and helps you push past what you can do on your own. 

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5. Movement Replacements

a tonal trainer with different movement options

Movement Replacements are one of the Official Tonal Community’s most requested features, so it’s no great surprise it landed on this list. Get a satisfying workout without skipping moves or risking injury!

Why members love this feature: 

  • Movement Replacements let you adapt moves within a workout, accommodating your body’s needs and helping you lift with more confidence. 
  • Replacing a move doesn’t mean compromising on results. You’ll choose from alternative options that still give you an effective workout.

“Movement Replacements target the same muscles as the original recommendation. Rather than missing out or risking injury to hit that 100% movement target, Tonal has a solution that allows me to fully participate despite my mobility limitations.”

Christina Sandefur

6. Next-level progress tracking 

a phone screen with graphs and information about different body regions

Being able to track and measure your progress is an essential part of any fitness journey. Trying to do this yourself isn’t easy, but Tonal can do this seamlessly, offering in-depth workout summaries and data that will elevate the way you train. No wonder members can’t live without this feature. 

Why members love this feature: 

  • Tonal’s progress tracking goes far beyond run-of-the-mill numbers. Digital weight unlocks metrics that are exclusive to Tonal. With Strength Score — a comprehensive system that measures total body strength for more than 100 moves — you can discover strength by muscle group and body region and compare gains over time. 
  • With progress tracking, you’ll also be able to measure the amount of time it takes to complete a set, power and volume, range of motion, and time under tension

7. Tonal’s extensive library of content 

a woman choosing a workout on a tonal

Like digital weight, content is at the heart of the Tonal experience.  Whether your goal is to get lean, build muscle, or improve fitness, Tonal’s coach-led strength training content is designed to help you reach your goals by way of individual guided workouts or multi-week programs. 

Why members love this feature:  

  • Susan Johns Campbell recommends Tonal’s workout content for anyone who finds the gym daunting. “As a person intimidated by a traditional weight room setting, with no ability to create an effective lifting program for myself, having a huge variety of content from knowledgeable coaches is priceless.” 
  • Gunnar Wolski says Tonal’s programs and workouts take the guesswork out of training. “I love that I don’t have to worry about which muscle groups to target on what day and which muscle groups work together. The programs make the Tonal worth the price, and the fantastic coaches are just the icing on the cake!”