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7 Thoughts You Have During Your First Tonal Workout

Tonal members share what they remember about their first time. 

a smily man using a tonal — a slim flatscreen-like exercise machine that sits on the wall

The first time you do a workout with Tonal is unlike anything else in the world. Athletes, coaches, and strength training and fitness enthusiasts alike are blown away from the get-go. So, we asked the Official Tonal Community to share what they remember about the first time they used Tonal. 

From the way it feels to lift digital weight (goodbye bulky traditional weights and dumbbells) to the technology and design, here are seven thoughts you have during your first Tonal workout. 

1. I’m in love

Tonal does have a way of taking your breath away. 

“After months of looking at all the options Tempo, Mirror, etc., we decided we needed to “try before you buy.” I did my first Tonal workout at the showroom in San Francisco. It was love at first lift.” (Thomas Sixsmith) 

2. Did I just travel to the future?

You don’t need a fancy time machine. Tonal can transform any space in your home into something from the future. 

“I live in the land of the Jetsons.” (Jessy Printz) 

a tonal sits in a room with a purple light around it

3. Digital weight feels so different 

The first time you lift with digital weight is really surprising, and it’s nothing like what you expect it to be. Digital weight is smoother than a cable and feels heavier than what you’re used to with dumbbells and traditional weights, and that makes working out with Tonal so unique.

“I never was able to get the correct form with free weights, and the moves never felt right. With Tonal, I know exactly what’s going to hurt the next day, and my back only hurts when it’s supposed to.”

Jill Goodman

Learn more about why digital weight is better than dumbbells 

a graphic simulation of the tonal screen where different moves are sliding across

4. This is tougher than it looks 

On day one, you’ll be asked to complete the strength assessment, and this marks the beginning of your journey. On average, Tonal members increase their strength by 20% in the first 90 days. And with our progress tracking, you’ll have the numbers to flex it. 

I was floored and felt so weak, but I was somehow motivated to do better! Flash forward to now — it’s been over 8 weeks, 29 workouts, and 83,000+ pounds lifted, and I am feeling better than I have in years!

April McGuire

5. My Tonal will probably collect dust 

Want to place a bet? Once you knock out that initial strength assessment, Tonal will seamlessly become a daily part of life, and your days with dumbbells will bite the dust.  

“Let’s see what this crazy contraption is all about. I bet it will collect dust within a week. Four months later, and it’s used daily.” (Trine Firestone) 

a number of different tonal features highlighted in a graphic

6. Tonal coaching feels so real 

Alongside expert coaching, we use the most advanced technology to personalize hundreds of workouts and tailor them just for you.

“The one thing that impressed me the most wasn’t the tech, the design, or the exercises; it was how real the [coaching] felt. The encouragement was there, the tips were there, and even the jokes! Tonal has been one of my best purchases and had a real impact on my life.” (Pablo Dodda)

a man looks intently into a tonal machine

7. I’m never going back

We feel the same way. 

“I found my best friend! Freedom from the gym and on a path to recovery for my back injury — 100% recovered!” (Katie Curran)

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