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A Year in Strength With Tonal

This year, feats of strength took on a whole new meaning, but we got through it as a community.

a black screen with the words: stronger, together 2020 year in review text across it
  • You know what you watched, listened to, and searched to get through 2020, now we’re going to show you what a year in strength looks like.  
  • As Tonal helped members achieve feats from home, we collectively lifted billions of pounds, increased our Strength Score by 1.75 million points, and raised the bar, together. 
  • Tonal members can now get their personal 2020 Year in Review on the mobile app. See how much stronger you’ve become — there’s no one else in the world that can show your progress quite like us.

In 2020, we were all challenged in more ways than one. This year, feats of strength took on a whole new meaning, but we got through it as a community, by lifting each other.

No matter what your goals are for 2021, if we’ve learned anything over the past 12 months, it’s that we’re stronger together — and that’s how we achieve our greatest triumphs. This is what our community accomplished in 2020: here’s what a year in strength looks like with Tonal. 

We Challenged Time, Space, and Matter

Together we moved monuments, increased our Strength Score, and spent hours enriching our minds and bodies.  

black screen with the text: as a community we lifted 3.25 billion pounds (that's the equivalent of 20 Washington monuments) and a green and yellow graphic of the Washington monument
black screen with text: we worked out on tonal for over 2 million hours (that's 78,461 days, or 214 years) and a pink graphic of a clock
black screen with a text that says: our strength score increased by 1.74 million points

We Left it All on the Bench. In a Good Way

We became really good at bench presses, crushed our goblet squats, and found our favorite core exercise. What moves are you going to conquer this year?   

Pro Tip: Check out these four data-backed ways to improve your bench press. 

black screen with text accompanying three images. 

1) the most popular upper body move was Bench Press, next to the image of a woman doing a bench bress
2) the most popular lower body move was the goblet squat next to the image of a woman doing a goblet squat
3) the most popular core move was Half-Kneeling Lift, next to the image of a man pulling a cable while kneeling on one knee

We Went Big at Home

As the world got intense, we made the most of our time at home, opened our minds, and pumped ourselves with endorphins.

black screen with three pictures and pictures to accompany it

1) the most popular program was go big or go home with coach jackson
2) the most popular Yoga workout was Open Hips, Open Mind with Coach Frances 
3) the most popular high intensity workout was upper body pump with coach jared

We Built All Kinds of Strength

As our bodies got stronger, so did our hearts. 

Pro Tip: You can track your heart rate on Tonal with Apple Watch or any Bluetooth heart rate monitor. Read more.

black screen with a collage of colourful images of a man doing various exercises and the following text: the workout with the highest average heart rate was Quick Fit: Jump into Legs with Coach Jackson (at 136bmp)

Notable Mentions

  • One athlete completed 377 sets of goblet squats this year — talk about buns of steel. 
  • Tonal members have strong bonds and spent 1,144 hours working out together as a family. 
  • One of the top Custom Workout names of the year, of course, was booty. 
  • One athlete has a workout streak of 102 weeks; think you can beat it? Here’s to new goals and becoming a stronger you in 2021.

Your 2020 Year in Review

Members can now see their Tonal Year in Review on our mobile app. 

black screen with the following text and a mobile screen shot of a body outline with different muscles and percentages those regions were worked: Your Year in Review is here. This year, no one worked out quite like you. If you're a member, visit the Tonal app to see your personal 2020 Year in Review.

Discover how much stronger you’ve become with an in-depth summary of your personal strength accomplishments from 2020: 

  • How many pounds you lifted
  • Which Tonal coaches you trained with most
  • How many workouts, programs and movements you completed
  • How your strength score changed this year 
  • Save and share your triumphs with family and friends on social
  • And much more — all of which will enable you to move even bigger mountains in 2021 

Check out your 2020 Year in Review on the mobile app

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