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  • See how you rank against others in real-time now with our new Leaderboard in the Tonal mobile app
  • Compete with other Tonal members (or just yourself) by how many days or hours you’ve worked out on Tonal in the last 30 days
  • Challenge yourself to rank higher and celebrate your progress
  • Stay motivated with other Motivational Features

We all love a little friendly competition so get excited—we’ve launched Tonal Leaderboard, the latest addition to our suite of features that celebrate your progress. It’s the easiest way to see how you measure up against the competition (a.k.a., other Tonal members) based on how many days or hours you work out on Tonal. 

Push yourself to see how far up the ranking you can go! Check it out now in the Tonal mobile app by updating to the latest version.

Don’t have the app yet? Download it now for iOS or Android.


We kept it simple: the more you train, the higher you rank. At its core, fitness is about staying consistent in a way that moves you, whether it’s lifting heavy weights or stretching it out on the mat and we wanted our Leaderboard to reflect that positive, healthy boost—simply challenge yourself to show up more often to see progress. It’s not about who lifts the most or who has the most workout variety. Your ranking is based entirely on your dedication to showing up in the last 30 days. Look forward to even more detailed performance metrics to fuel your motivation soon. 

Join the Leaderboard

Existing Tonal members can create a username and join the Leaderboard via a new pop-up that appears in the Tonal mobile app, an opt-in on the home screen, or in the Settings menu. New Tonal members can create a username and join the Leaderboard while creating an account in the Tonal mobile app.

See how you rank

Check your rank and others’ on the Tonal app home screen anytime. You can filter by workout days or hours to get a closer look.

Scope out the competition

Get a snapshot of other Tonal member’s rankings—all tallied by workout time in the last 30 days.

Challenge yourself to rank higher

Upgrade from 3 to 4 workouts a week or try longer workouts than usual to increase your standing each week. Your motivation only gets stronger the stronger you get

Move in the way that moves you

With strength training, yoga, cardio, recovery sessions and more on the way, there are plenty of ways to show up and rank higher.


Download the Tonal mobile app on iOS or Android to check and share your progress anytime, anywhere.


Need more motivation? No problem. Celebrate your progress with Tonal Achievements, Personal Records, and updated Program and Workout Summaries.