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Fitness The Tonal Program That Will Get You in Top Shape for Ski Season

The Tonal Winter Training Program

If you find yourself tired after your first run on the slopes, battle intense soreness, or get injured consistently by the end of day one, a strength training program may be just what you need.

Our new Winter Training series helps you build the muscle and strength you need to prevent injury, build stamina, and ski or snowboard all day long.

Make Every Run as Good as the First

In order to be at your strongest for ski season, your legs need to be as stable, muscular, and resilient as possible. This program will help you build the muscle for a strong foundation.

We’ll also focus on stability, and teach you how to resist rotation so that you decrease your recovery time on the slopes.

Winter Training will help you increase your stamina so that you’re not burnt out after the first run, and you can carve up the slopes all day. We’ll pay close attention to injury prevention as well, so you can stay safe on every run.

Get ready for ski and snowboard season by training with Coach Kelly

Train Smarter With Coach Kelly

Coach Kelly is an expert in Exercise Science and Kinesiology. His workouts are precise and calculated so that you train more efficiently and effectively.

Coach Kelly designed the Winter Training program on Tonal to take your ski or snowboard game up a notch, help you recover quickly, and make it the best season yet.

Winter Training Details

Winter Training is suited for any level–even beginners! You’ll train for 40 minutes, three times per week for four weeks.

The key movements in Tonal's Winter Training program.

Winter Training Key Movements

Winter Training will strengthen your back, knees, and core through a series of stretches and movements.

Some of the key movements you’ll do throughout the program include:

-Single Arm, Single Leg RDL
-Goblet Squat
-Pull Through
-Bench Press
-Lat Pulldown

Start Winter Training right now on Tonal, or book a workout at a Tonal showroom near you to give it a try.