The Gift of Tonal


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Tonal combines revolutionary equipment, expert-led videos, and personalized guidance into full body workouts you can do on demand. Tonal will help you become stronger and leaner than you ever thought possible, without ever leaving your home.

Tonal Policies & Warranty

30-Day Return Policy

We hope you'll love your Tonal, but if you don't, return it within 30 days for a full refund.

White Glove Install

We will deliver and install your Tonal so you can spend your energy working out.

3-Year Limited Warranty

We stand behind our product and our customer care team is here to help with any unforeseen issues.



  • In a blindfolded test, users rated Tonal as the highest quality weight machine without ever knowing it’s not a traditional weight stack. Digital weight uses magnetic force instead of gravitational force. You get all the benefits of traditional weights, with additional control and safety provided by Tonal.

    Other benefits of digital weight include the ability to increase the weight in 1 lb increments, manipulations to mimic eccentric loading (heavy negatives) and the feeling of chains, as well as a built-in Spotter to ensure you can always complete your reps or do a burnout set.

  • If you’ve used a cable machine before, you’ll find working out on Tonal very familiar.

    The endless configurations of Tonal’s adjustable arms can replicate most machines in the weight room, so you can exercise all of the main muscle groups.

    Before you start working out on Tonal, you’ll set your experience level (Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced) and pick your fitness goals. That allows Tonal to suggest workout programs for you that are based on your goals and experience level.

    Your first workout on Tonal starts with a strength assessment that establishes your starting weights for each move. After completing the assessment, Tonal will know the optimal weight for you, so you don’t have to worry about lifting too light or too heavy.

    During your workout, you might notice Tonal’s built-in Spotter. Spotter can sense if you’re struggling to complete a rep, and automatically lowers the weight so you can complete the set. If you’ve spent time working out on cable machines in the past, you’ll also notice that Tonal’s digital weights feel smoother than the traditional weight stacks on a cable resistance machine.

    Workouts on Tonal might feel more challenging than workouts you’ve done in the past. That’s because Tonal’s electromagnetic weights operate at zero gravity and resist you the entire time you do a rep. This makes for a much more efficient workout.

    The best way to experience what it’s like to work out on Tonal is to get a demo! Visit our Try It page to schedule a Virtual Demo or see Pop-Ups near you.

  • We start with a baseline assessment to determine your strength and make weight recommendations for all of the exercises in our library based on those results. Each time you perform one of those exercises, Tonal automatically sets the weight to your recommended weight, then monitors the quality of your reps. At the end of the set, using advanced machine learning, Tonal will update your recommended weights for that movement, as well as related movements. With each set Tonal gets to know you better and responds as you get stronger.

  • Yes! The Tonal accessory kit was designed to give you the best Tonal experience. The smart handles and bar include buttons that allow you to conveniently turn the weight on and off once you’re in position and ready for an exercise. The smart handles also include 6-axis gyroscopes to measure your movement in 3-dimensions. The included bench is optimized to be light, durable, and good looking for your home. It is also a little longer and lower to the ground than a standard bench, allowing it to be used for a wider variety of exercises, including step-ups and leg elevated movements. The mat is durable and designed to bear the loads of strength training, yet comfortable for kneeling lifts and floor exercises. The rope and roller allow you to do even more exercises.

  • Tonal’s accessories use our T-lock system to allow you to quickly and smoothly switch between accessories.

    If you’d like to use your own accessories, reach out to our support team and they will help you get T-lock adapters.

  • Tonal is designed for use by adults aged 18 and up. If approved in advance by a physician, teenagers over the age of 15 may use Tonal under direct adult supervision.

  • We stand behind our product with a 3 year limited warranty. We have a fully trained technical support team available to help with any questions, issues, or concerns. View the full terms and conditions of our warranty coverage.

  • We want you to be completely satisfied with your Tonal. If for any reason you’re not, please reach out to We’ll resolve any issues and explain options for return within 30 days of installation.

  • Membership is $49 per month with a minimum commitment of 12 months from the date of installation. Your membership includes unlimited household accounts, hundreds of on-demand workouts, data measuring and progress tracking so you can see your performance over time, advanced weight features, and personalized weight suggestions.

  • Your entire household is included on the subscription so everyone can create their own account and get moving. We ask that all members covered by the subscription plan live at the same address.

  • You will not be billed for your subscription until your Tonal is delivered and installed. Once activated, the credit card on file will be charged each month on a recurring basis.

    Customers who purchase with Affirm financing have the subscription included in their monthly payment. There is a two-year commitment when financing your purchase.

    If you need to change the card on file, please contact (855) MY-TONAL.

  • There are hundreds of movements you can do on Tonal that span legs, arms, back, chest, and core. While your heart rate will definitely be elevated during our HIIT style workouts and other intense lifts, Tonal doesn’t provide the same aerobic exertion you’d get on a run.

  • Tonal enables lifts up to 200 lbs. using an electromagnetic resistance engine to create digital weight. Digital weights eliminate inertia, making it nearly impossible to cheat your way through an exercise.

  • We offer hundreds of workouts that vary in intensity and length. Whether you’re looking to have more energy with a quick, 20-minute session or want to look like the next hulk, we’ve got a coach and a program for you. Learn more about Tonal programs.


  • Tonal is available for purchase online at or you can also meet Tonal at one of our Showrooms.

    Tonal is available in the contiguous 48 United States. Tonal is not available in Hawaii, Alaska, or outside of the United States at this time.

  • Our flagship showroom is located in San Francisco, California. We also have Pop-Up Shops in Southern California this spring. To receive the latest updates on showroom locations, product availability, new features, and more, please subscribe to our mailing list.

  • We are delivering and installing orders in the contiguous United States.

    Exact timing of your order will depend on scheduling and delivery availability. Please expect 2 – 6 weeks for delivery and installation. You can always check your order status by contacting Customer Care at or

  • Our customer care team would love to hear from you! Call us at (855) MY-TONAL or email

  • No. Tonal is only available for purchase and delivery within the 48 contiguous states.

    Tonal requires professional installation and cannot be shipped or delivered without installation performed by our authorized installers. We do not have a timeline on when we will expand beyond the U.S. No exceptions will be made. 

    Please join our mailing list to stay updated! 


  • We currently only sell directly to consumers via, our showroom, and our pop-up shops.

    We do not have distribution opportunities domestically or internationally at this time.

  • Tonal is currently designed for in-home, residential use. It is not a commercial product. Please complete this form so we can contact you when a commercial product is available.


  • For an optimal workout experience, we recommend 7′ x 7′ floor space and a ceiling height of 7’10”. You may be able to modify movements if your space is smaller. Feel free to send images of your space to and we’ll be happy to take a look.

  • The exact installation time can vary depending on individual homes. Tonal mounts to your wall with a wall bracket anchored into two 16″, 19.2″, or 24″ studs – either wood or metal. The installation process is very similar to a flat screen TV. In most cases, installation takes less than an hour. This includes the assembly and unboxing of accessories, as well as initial WiFi setup. Learn more on our installation page.

  • Please expect 2 – 6 weeks for delivery and installation depending on your location. Once your order has been confirmed you will receive a pre-install survey via email to confirm the placement of your Tonal. Visit our installation page for more information. 

    If you have any questions while filling out this survey, call us at (855) MY-TONAL. 

  • No. Our concierge delivery and installation will get you up and running with Tonal seamlessly. In addition to delivering and professionally mounting Tonal to your wall, our white glove delivery partners will connect Tonal to Wifi, pair your Bluetooth Smart accessories, and get your account set up so you can start working out right away.

  • In the case of a move, we ask that you contact our team at least two weeks in advance at or 855-MY-TONAL. We’ll work with you to schedule the move and determine the best options for you.

    There is a relocation charge to cover the cost of disassembling and re-installing Tonal. The exact charge amount may vary based on the details of the move. We always provide full transparency on options available and work to limit any additional costs.