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  • Only the trainer’s price is increasing. The new price of the trainer will be $3,495 USD excluding tax, shipping, installation, smart accessories and the monthly membership fee.

  • The trainer price has remained the same since it was launched in 2018. Macroeconomic conditions have compounded over several months, which has resulted in increased costs across the supply chain. Rather than compromise on the quality of our hardware, we continue building an exceptionally engineered system that helps our customers achieve their ultimate health and fitness goals.

  • The price of the trainer will increase in the coming weeks.

  • No, the price of the smart accessories ($495), monthly membership ($49/month) and shipping & installation ($295) currently remains unchanged.

    We continue to expand our membership with software features, new content and workouts, programs and coaches across a variety of workout modalities. We are delighted to currently be shipping your Tonal within 1-3 weeks of the order date.

  • The Tonal membership gives you access to all of Tonal’s innovative features including:

    • ✓ Unlimited household accounts per device
    • ✓ Data measuring and progress tracking
    • ✓ Dynamic Weight Modes
    • ✓ Personalized weight suggestions
    • ✓ Workout logs to see historical performance data
    • ✓ Custom Workout builder
    • ✓ Library of Free Lift moves
    • ✓ Tonal music stations
    • ✓ Heart rate tracking compatible with bluetooth heart rate monitors and Apple Watch®(not included)
  • Our Knowledge Base is a great resource to help answer questions you may have about our professional installation, getting started with Tonal, features and functions; and more.

  • Our team is here to help. Click to our contact page to see all the ways to get in touch.

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