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It’s like having a virtual personal trainer, on your terms. Hundreds of hours of step by step expert instruction challenges you each day. Tell us your goals, and Tonal gets you on a program right for you, incorporating strength, flexibility, and intervals – with different exercises each day to maximize results.

Personalized Programs

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Program Categories

Whether you’re looking to supercharge your training or just starting out, there’s a coach and a program for you. Tonal’s coaches help you sculpt your physique, boost your performance, look better, feel better, and stay healthier. Our expertly-designed programs mix in a range of exercises for a complete workout — and change them each session for maximum effectiveness and variety.

Build Muscle

Gain strength and build lean muscle in targeted areas. Develop the body you want with a whole new level of strength and fitness.

Tone Up

Achieve holistic, full body fitness with efficient, balanced workouts. Sculpt those stubborn body parts with workouts Copy based on strength, flexibility, core, and intervals.

Athletic Performance

Take your abilities to the next level with programs designed to build strength, speed, power, and endurance both on and off the field.

Get Started

Get going on your new fitness routine with easy-to-follow Copy programs that put you on a path to that lean, toned, healthy look you’re after.

Stretch & Recover

Regenerate with yoga, active recovery workouts, and mobility techniques designed to enhance your fitness regimen. Improve joint health and restore muscle function on lifting days, and days in between.

Cardio Booster

Get ready to sweat. Cardio routines and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) improve aerobic capacity and glucose Copy metabolism to burn calories like crazy.

Be your strongest

Move by move.

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Bench Press

Lateral bridge with row

Goblet Squat

Exercise 4

Exercise 5

Your team

Meet the coaches.

Paul Wright
Liz Letchford
Bianca Buresh
Kelly Savage
Nicolette Amarillas
Natalie Carey
Jackson Bloore
Pablo Schmidt Escobar

Paul Wright

Sport Performance

A lifelong athlete, Paul grew up playing every sport imaginable, including professional football. His upbeat style of training will inspire you to up your game.

Liz Letchford

Functional Strength

A Injury Prevention Specialist completing her Doctoral Studies in Exercise Physiology, Liz draws upon her expertise in sports medicine and functional movement to help you move better, no matter what moves you.

Bianca Buresh

Muscles for Motherhood

A lifelong adventurer and two-time mother, Bianca knows how tough pregnancy and motherhood can be on your body and your schedule. Her “badass,” no excuses attitude will motivate you to prioritize your personal development no matter how maxed your life is.

Kelly Savage

Strength by science

Kelly’s science-based approach to strength training is what led him to be Tonal’s Head of Curriculum & Performance. He brings you high performance training through accessible techniques with proven results.

Nicolette Amarillas

Holistic Strength

Nicolette’s approach to wellness draws from her experience as a postural specialist and strength coach. She’ll show you how to fall in love with the amazing things your body can naturally achieve through proper movement and lifestyle.

Natalie Carey

Full Body Confidence

Natalie ignites positivity and self worth into every person she trains. By helping you recognize what your body is capable of, you’ll reach your fitness goals while getting stronger, inside and out.

Jackson Bloore

Intense Muscle Development

“Action” Jackson Bloore wants to help you get over your own excuses and get lean fast. He believes every single person has the potential to achieve the most sculpted version of themselves through a combination of mindset, motivation, and actionable advice.

Pablo Schmidt Escobar

Mind and Body

Pablo entered training after years of studying psychology and practicing therapy. Pablo advocates for the mind-body connection by combining elements of mindfulness with the theoretical and practical knowledge of fitness training.