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Fitness Elevate Your Performance with Tonal’s Training Gaps Workout

Work your lower body with Tonal's Training Gaps Workout

If you are a strength training novice, someone stuck in a workout rut, or even a seasoned pro looking to improve your performance, then you will benefit from this effective lower body workout designed to target common training gaps in your routine.

Coach Kelly fills these gaps by providing accessible techniques with proven results. These exercises will help increase strength and mobility and boost recovery time so that you can bring your best self to Tonal for every workout.

Enhance Your Routine

Training Gaps is an extremely efficient workout. Coach Kelly hits four major movements–a compound lift, single leg-exercise, an isometric hold, and an active recovery movement–which are all necessary components to a powerful lower body routine.

Compound Lifts are exercises that use multiple muscle groups at the same time.
Single Leg Movements use both sides of the body equally to promote stability and balance in the body.
Isometric Holds build heat and strength through low impact movements.
Active Recovery provides a necessary break while still moving the body; it prepares the body for succeeding movements.

Implementing these movements will yield a more well rounded regimen, so that you can grow in mass, performance, and mobility.

Train like an athlete with Tonal Coach Kelly in his Training Gaps workout.

Learn & Grow with Coach Kelly

Coach Kelly genuinely wants to make an impact on lives through coaching. He takes a science based approach to training; you will learn how to move your body smarter in order to promote strength and reduce the risk of injury.

Coach Kelly designed this workout to help identify and fix gaps in your routine; he provides all the tools so that you can improve and crush your goals. This is a quick but thorough workout that combines a dynamic warm-up, 20 minutes of work, and a quick cool down.

Think Like an Athlete with Coach Kelly

Training Gaps is an advanced level workout that consists of four sets of three exercises and one active recovery stretch. The entire workout will take 30 minutes.

Training Gaps Key Moves:

– Neutral Grip Deadlift
– Resisted lateral lunge
– Iso Split Squat
– Lying Hamstring Stretch

This workout is available now on Tonal, and it’s a fantastic option if you want to boost your performance in a quick and efficient way.

Give Training Gaps a try on your Tonal, or book a workout at our Union Street showroom to see what Tonal programs are like. You can also watch this quick video on the Tonal program experience.