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Product News What’s New on Tonal September 2020

An iPhone screen shows multiple icons and achievements on the Tonal app.

Every important achievement, from your first workout to your longest workout streak, will now be recognized on Tonal and in the mobile app. With our new Achievements feature you can celebrate your progress throughout your Tonal fitness journey by earning:

Milestones. Boost your confidence with celebrations over milestones in your progress, like hitting the 50,000 lbs lifted mark, or completing your 50th workout.

Badges. These are fun awards for accomplishments like working out on your birthday or finishing a High Intensity workout for the first time.

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Thousands of Tonal members have ditched bulky weights and dumbbells and seamlessly incorporated Tonal into their homes. Share a photo of your Tonal at home to inspire many more to come and when you share a photo you are automatically entered for a chance to win credit to our Gear Store. The winner will be announced in October’s newsletter.

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4 Day Program with Coach Kelly and Mark Allen
Join Coach Kelly and six-time IRONMAN World Champion Mark Allen for an in-season strength and power program. Using compound movements with lower rep ranges and heavy weight, you’ll generate the power you need to succeed in your sport.


20 Minutes with Coach Natalie
You’ve challenged yourself with an epic trek. Now it’s time to restore and strengthen your muscles. This workout will have you stretching, moving, and lifting to alleviate joint pain, sore legs, and stiff hips. Walk away ready for your next excursion.


30 Minutes with Coach Pablo
This boxing-focused endurance workout features a variety of punches, defense moves, and bodyweight exercises off Tonal. Coach Pablo will help you strengthen the upper body, lower body, and core while enjoying a quick, high intensity challenge.


3 Day Program with Coach Jackson
Stay on top of your summer training with Coach Jackson’s efficient get lean program. Boost your heart rate, build muscle, and stay motivated for the rest of the season. This program features dynamic weight modes in the second half for more variety.

Head to your trainer to see even more new workouts and programs every week!


Bright colours pulsate behind Tonal, to symbolize volume levels oscilating.

Now you can sweat it out on Tonal with Apple Music. We’re all extra motivated to work out when we have our go-to tunes, so go ahead and play your favorite playlists on repeat or access Apple Music’s library of 60 million songs.

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A body chart highlights various muscle regions.

We are introducing new muscular diagrams throughout the experience to help you easily understand which muscles are being targeted by every workout and every movement. See the Muscle View diagram in the lower right corner during your workout to see exactly which muscles should be engaged for every movement.


Please join us for a new monthly series that amplifies the strong, diverse voices of our Black community: Tonal’s Black Excellence Series.

Each discussion will be led by a Tonal coach or employee, and will feature a guest speaker with new topics, racial injustice education, and action steps every month.

Our inaugural Black Excellence Series conversation will be led by Coach Jared and his sister, Kaelyn Rodriguez, PhD, about the School to Prison Pipeline.

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