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Product News What’s New on Tonal May 2021

Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

This May, we celebrate our Asian American and Pacific Islander Community. Throughout the month, we will be highlighting AAPI culture and strength across all of our platforms. We also use this month to acknowledge and condemn the violence that this community has endured. We will be using our platform to create an informative space for everyone to learn and celebrate. Keep an eye out for our first Tonal Talk with Michelle Wie West, happening on May 7, and stay tuned for more updates throughout the month.

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10 Billion Pounds of Strength Gains

Announcing our biggest achievement yet. The Tonal community has hit 10 billion pounds of strength-building goal-crushing digital weight—and we’re just getting warmed up.

More Movement History in the App

You can now see more data about your performance on each movement in the Tonal mobile app. Accessible from either the Workout Activity page or the Completed Movements list, tap into a movement to see your personal records for strength, power, and volume. You can also see detailed data on the last time you performed the movement. Geek out on information such as what your average set power output is, how many total reps of a move you’ve done,  a detailed history of each time you’ve completed that move, and more.

Strength Score Graphs for Body Regions in the App

Looking to dive in a little deeper on your Strength Score gains? We’ve added the option to see your Strength Score graph by body region in the Tonal mobile app. Select your preferred body region from a dropdown under the Strength Score graph to see a more detailed view of how far you’ve come.

The Superset Podcast

Join Crystal and Tom on The Superset to hear all about the most recent Tonal news about new workouts, new features, coaches, and more. Listen to the latest with Taylor Stein on how a Data Scientist discusses Strength Score secrets.

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Dynamic Chest + Back

41 Minutes with Tony Horton
Chisel your chest and build your back with advanced weight modes in this challenging workout. Be prepared to dig deep as you grind your way through multiple sets using Eccentric Mode and SmartFlex to maximize strength, stability, and muscle growth. Hit the ground running with this first workout in a six-part series.

Better Posture Everyday

3 Day Program with Coach Nicolette
Work out with Coach Nicolette to correct common posture imbalances. You’ll gain a better understanding of movement mechanics, while developing a straighter spine. This program is low key but still a challenge.

Sweaty Barrebell Blast

30 Minutes with Coach Gabby
Work out with Coach Nicolette to correct common posture imbalances. You’ll gain a better understanding of movement mechanics, while developing a straighter spine. This program is low key but still a challenge.

Core Stabilizer

20 Minutes with Coach Jackson
The first step to core strength is building stability. These foundational moves will set you up for six-pack success, an ironclad core, or pain-free mobility. Coach Jackson even adds some bonus ab shredding at the end. Get strong to the core.

Head to your trainer to see even more new workouts and programs every week!


May Tonal Book Club Pick: The Gifts of Imperfection

At Tonal, we believe in strengthening our mind, body, and soul. Our monthly book club, Read Between the Reps, is about coming together as a community and lifting each other with the power of words.

This month we’re reading The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown. In this book, Brown explores the psychology of how we can let go of perfection-seeking habits and embrace wholeheartedness to live a fuller life. We’re excited to create a shift in our perception to find more strength in our imperfections for our mental, emotional and physical health.

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Coach Natalie’s Advanced 5×5 Challenge

This month, the community challenge is Coach Natalie’s Advanced 5×5 program. This advanced program features the strength training classic 5×5 method designed to help you build strength in your main lifts. Get direct access to Coach Natalie through weekly Virtual Group Workouts, FB Live Q+As, and a daily workout schedule.  Join the challenge Facebook group to learn more.

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