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Product News What’s New on Tonal March 2020

Tonal Gear is Here

The Tonal Gear Shop is live with our first selection of apparel, drinkware, and accessories. Sport your love for Tonal with a sweatshirt, hat, mug, or tumbler. Or purchase additional Tonal accessories like T-locks and wide mount covers. And this is just the beginning! The Tonal Gear Shop will grow and offer more items in the year to come. Check it out.

Coach Spotlight

Today we’re sharing the story of our amazing Coach Nicolette. Watch the video and read the personal interview to learn all about her commitment to strength.

New Workouts and Programs

Better Bike and Tread 2

4 Day Program with Coach Nicolette
Coach Nicolette is back with another Peloton performance program. Focus every day on one big, compound movement to increase your strength and power, followed by a suggested Peloton cardio workout. Let Tonal help you be your strongest in Peloton.

High Intensity: Leg Day Burn

33 Minutes with Coach Gabby
Burn out your legs and push yourself to peak performance. This challenging lower body workout will have you squatting, deadlifting, and more, as Coach Gabby shows you how to improve with every move.

Start Simple

28 Minutes with Coach Paul
Begin with the foundations. Coach Paul’s full-body workout is designed to kick-off your strength training journey the right way. Learn how getting stronger is actually a matter of simple movements done well.

Yoga: Upper Body Stretch

44 Minutes with Coach Frances
Ease the tightness of your shoulder and back with this upper-body focused flow. Coach Frances takes you through a series of postures with stretches and binds that will leave you feeling loose and restored.

Head to your trainer to see even more new workouts and programs every week!

Product Updates

Got the Tonal App?

Take Tonal with you on-the-go with the the mobile app. Browse workouts, track your progress over time, and build your own custom workouts. Download now for Android or iOS.

New Radio Stations

Six new radio stations will be live on your trainer today. Whether you’re in the mood for Top 40, early ‘00 pop, country, techno, or ambient music, you now have a selection of 14 different stations to choose from.

Save Workouts and Programs for Later

Whether there’s a workout you’ve tried and loved, or one you want to try out later, now you can find all of your favorites saved in one place – both from your trainer and mobile app. Read more