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Product News What’s New on Tonal July 2021

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Tonal’s Train Like an Athlete Community Challenge

This month, the community challenge is Train Like an Athlete. Coach Paul’s Good to Great program ramps up the intensity with movements that push you to give it your all, and you’ll be challenged to train holistically and consistently for 31 days in July. Get direct access to Coach Paul through weekly Virtual Group Workouts, FB Live Q+As, and a daily workout schedule.  Join the challenge Facebook group to learn more. 

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Screen Lock

Created for your peace of mind, Screen Lock is a new safety setting to prevent any unintended access to your Tonal.

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Coach Amy’s Beginner Strength

Coach Amy is back with new programs to help you build strength and get lean. These shorter sessions ease you in with their moderate pace and low impact, but still push you to the limit so you really feel the burn.

The Superset Podcast

Join Crystal and Tom on The Superset to hear all about the most recent Tonal news about new workouts, new features, coaches, and more. Listen to the latest on Tonal’s revamped homescreen.Join Crystal and Tom on The Superset to hear all about the most recent Tonal news about new workouts, new features, coaches, and more. Listen to the latest on Digital Weights vs. Dumbbells plus an interview.

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No Hands Flow

18 Minutes with Coach Jake
Discover a yoga practice that can be done without any weight on the hands, allowing you to move creatively with your body even if you’re experiencing wrist or shoulder discomfort. Coach Jake will lead you in this gentle but fun ‘’hands off’’ flow that’s safe for all levels.

Live (Beta) Well Rounded Strength

2×2 Program with Coach Frances
Coach Frances has created a balanced routine that will round out your training program. Alternate your focus between lower and upper body, while working on fundamental movements like squats, hinges, and rows. Each block ends with a core/cardio finale, to help you reach both strength and endurance. Pair with the Tonal Tone Up series and enjoy yoga, Pilates, and barre on alternating rest days.

Everyday Fit

4 Day Program with Coach Allison
Every day we face strength challenges, like picking up a suitcase or moving a car seat. Coach Allison’s program will give you a foundation for mastering these everyday skills, help you get lean, and leave you feeling strong, athletic, and powerful.

Overachieving Upper Body

37 Minutes with Coach Jared
If you’re not content with an ordinary challenge, this high intensity workout will push you out of your comfort zone. Coach Jared will crush your upper body while helping you work through discomfort with both patience and drive. Get ready to release your inner fighter, as you find inspiration to reach higher than before.

Head to your trainer to see even more new workouts and programs every week!


July Tonal Book Club Pick: The Mindful Athlete

At Tonal, we believe in strengthening our mind, body, and soul. Our monthly book club, Read Between the Reps, is about coming together as a community and lifting each other with the power of words.

In this groundbreaking book, George Mumford shares gentle mindfulness practices to help transform the performance of anyone. Whether you’re an athlete, a weekend warrior, executive, or just trying to get the best out of your passions, discover proven techniques that helped Michael Jordan and the late Kobe Bryant elevate their game.

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