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Product News What’s New on Tonal February 2020

Join us in celebrating Black History Month

We believe in a world where everyone can be their strongest. That’s why we’re taking time this February to celebrate Black History Month and honor the accomplishments and contributions of people of color. Today, we’re sharing the story of our amazing Coach Paul Wright who’s been kicking down barriers in the world of athletics from a young age. Read the blog post.

New Workouts and Programs


37 Minutes with Coach Jared
Make your legs your superpower. Coach Jared offers tips and tricks for maximizing your lower body as he leads you through this High Intensity workout, complete with three types of squats. It’s a leg day you won’t want to miss.


4 Week Program With Coach Liz
Strength training shouldn’t be a pain in the joints. Let Coach Liz show you the science behind mobility and teach you how to move pain-free. Go easy on the knees, hips, and shoulders while maximizing muscle. Strong never felt so good.


4 Week Program With Coach Nicolette
Join Coach Nicolette for a classic barbell program, designed to bring the bulk. Challenge yourself with Eccentric mode, which increases resistance not just as you lift, but as you release the weight.


42 Minutes with Coach Frances
This upper body workout focuses on various ways to work the core using traditional yoga poses. Get your best plank ready and meet Coach Frances on the mat for a flow that will help you let go of daily stressors.


34 Minutes with Coach Natalie
Coach Natalie makes fitness fun with this full-body workout designed for all experience levels. Activate your upper body, lower body, and core. Then, challenge yourself with eccentric mode, and enjoy watching your strength gains grow.


6 Minutes with Coach Nicolette
In a crunch? Go ahead and crunch those abs. This fast-track challenge will work you to the core while working with your schedule. Join Coach Nicolette for a fast routine that gets results.

Head to your trainer to see many more new workouts and programs every week.

Product Updates

Filter Workouts and Programs in the App

New! You can now easily filter workouts and programs on mobile. Filter by duration, coach, category, goal and level to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Tonal Partners with Four Seasons Silicon Valley

We know you want to take your Tonal with you when you travel! So do we. That’s why we partnered with the Four Seasons Silicon Valley to place the first Tonal in a luxury hotel. Read more.

New Studio Set Design

Our revamped studio set design will transport you to an alternate fitness world while you workout on Tonal. The best part? The new set allows us to film movements from more angles to make it easier for you to follow at home. Try Coach Frances’ “Core Mindfulness” workout to experience the new set now

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